The 7 Asian skin secrets

Sometimes it can be hard to find skincare products that addresses the needs of your Asian skin type. Maybe you’ve tried different brands and find out that they didn’t really match your skin type, or you’re dealing with some skin difficulties. Do you really know your skin and are you using the right skincare products? Find the answers here and discover what your Asian skin actually needs.

1. Youthful skin

Let’s start positive: our skin tends to look younger comparing to other ethnic groups. That’s because of the dermis layer of our skin. The dermis keeps our skin elastic and prevents signs of aging. We have a thicker one, and that’s probably the reason why you don’t have any wrinkles or fine lines.

Skin care tip: Skip the anti-wrinkle day cream away. You don’t need it ;).

2. Sensitive skin

Asian skin is extremely sensitive. When it’s exposed to high pollution or low quality water, it becomes more reactive. The outermost layer of our skin is thinner and makes our skin more sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals. 

Skin care tip: Be careful with skin products that contains harsh ingredients like alcohol, and avoid over-scrubbing to minimize skin irritation. 

3. Uneven skin tone

Asians have higher levels of melanine, causing a yellowish tone to our skin. That’s a great, because it makes our skin burn less and tan more! But at the same time, the high levels of melanine are responsible for unevenness to our skin due to hyperpygmentation, freckles and aging spots. 

Skin care tip: Asian beauty products contains ‘whiting elements’ which may help to lighten up your dark spots. And add some extra vitamin A to your diet to give your skin a more even look.

4. Oily skin

Our skin tends to be oilier. Unfortunately we have more sebaceous glands, which causes sebum (oil) production, giving our skin a shinier complexion. With this knowledge, we need to be aware of humidity. Yes, this can be hard when you live in Asia, but humidity could overreact our glands resulting in shiny patches. 

Skin care tip: Be extra aware of skin products containing harsh ingredients, like alcohol and sodium laurel sulfate. Both ingredients could stimulate the oil production.

5. bumpy skin

More bad news: having more glands also means that our skin tends to accumulate extra buildup which can clogging your pores. When pores are clogged, it can result in blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

Skin care tip: Salicylic acid (up to 2%) and  Benzoyl peroxide (up to 2.5%) are save and effective in treating acne in Asian skin. Also use a mild (for sensitive skin) exfoliation to exfoliate your skin on regular base to remove any excess sebum. And add some extra vitamin A to your diet. Besides tackling dark spots, vitamin A can also help in reducing acne.

6. Blemished skin

Asian skin scars more easily, especially when it comes to acne scars. That’s because of the thinner outermost layer of the epidermis: the stratum corneum. This part of the skin consists of dead cells and forms a barrier to protect underlying tissue. However because it’s thin it makes the skin vulnerable and hard to heal.

Skin care tip: don’t touch your acne and don’t try to pop your pimples. Having scars? Use emu oil and add vitamin E to your diet to heal and prevent the scars. 

7. Thirsty skin

Our skin loses moisture easily and that’s maybe the biggest skin problem among Asians. Research have shown that the Transepidermal Water Loss (tEWL) values were the highest in Asians. tEWL is the amount of water vapor lost through the skin under non-sweating conditions. That’s why our skin is quickly dehydrated.

Skin care tip: Keep your skin hydrated with a moisturiser with high in water-binding like hyaluronic acid. Be careful with skin products containing alcohol and sodium laurel sulfate. These ingredients could dehydrate your skin.


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