Review | Skin Academy Hydrating Lip Masks

Everyday my lips are trying to survive the Dutch weather. It makes my lips extremely dry, so it always looks like the Atacama Desert. It isn’t surprising that I’m always looking for products that can help moisturizing my lips.

I’m mostly using lip balms and scrubs, so when I’ve found the Skin Academy hydrating lip masks, I was really impressed. Sheet masks are wonderful to my face, so what miracles can lip masks do? I have high expectations! Was this the answer to my eternal lip struggle? I bought one package and tried it out.

What it Promised:

The Skin Academy Lip mask deeply hydrates your lips leaving the supple and soft, whilst helping to improve fine line to enhance your natural pout.

It sounds okay to me. To be honest, I’m not sure about that “to improve fine lines to enhance your natural pout”. I didn’t know I had a decreasing pout. I just thought that we all have a natural lip shape, that stays the same forever. But maybe I didn’t pay that much attention to my natural pout, and it’s already fading away because of aging. I should watch my baby pics. Okay, now I’m extremely aware of my pout.

How to use:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the face – Why do I need to cleanse my whole face, when it’s just a lip mask?
  • Apply the mask over the lips.
  • Leave the mask for 30 minutes, then remove by peeling away from the edges.
  • Use it 1 to 2 times a week.

How it really went:

After I’ve opened the package, I saw two, cute, lip shaped, gel masks. But the smell… It’s kinda odd. It reminded me of the smell of Mega Slimyninety kids will know. The mask felt smooth and moist. That was very promising!

It was hard to correctly place the masks on my lips. The mask were too big -or my lips are too small- but the mask kept slipping off. It didn’t attached to my lips at all! I became slightly confused. According to step 3, I can remove it by peeling away from the edges. But my lips didn’t absorb the mask, so peeling away wouldn’t be an option.

The mask kept gliding, so I lied down. Maybe the mask will stay this way. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, but the masks was moving to my chin. I’ve putted it back, but the mask kept sliding again. 

Okay, lying down wasn’t that necessary, so I got back to work (I work from home due to Covid-19). Each time the mask was running away, I’ve putted it back. And that was kinda exhausting. Thirty minutes felt like a long, long time.

The results:

After thirty minutes, I removed the mask- edge peeling wasn’t necessary. I didn’t see any significant results at all. Yes, my lips felt less drier, maybe a little more pink, but it was negligible. Oh, and the results didn’t stay that long. Within an hour my lips were as usual. This whole treatment felt like a waste of time.

Do I recommend it?

No. I’m going to throw away the second lip masks. It isn’t worth it.

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