Review | La Cabine Vitamin C ampoules

Honestly, I’ve never used facial ampoules before. So I was a little hesitating when buying it, because I didn’t exactly know what it was. After googling I found out: an ampoule is a booster for your skin. It’s like a super serum with a higher concentration of active ingredients, coming in smaller bottles.

The little glass bottles look cool, and were the main reason I bought the ampoules. And besides, I also like that they’re a bit interactive when using them –feeling like a scientist in a lab, making the perfect skincare mix…

Though, La Cabine has a large collection of ampoules, I’ve decided to buy the Vitamin C ampoules. At the moment, I’m dealing with some typical Asian skin problems, like dryness, dark spots, and acne scars. So I’ve tried the La Cabine Vitamin C ampoules to brighten my face. Will it work?

What it promised:

The antioxidant power of the Vitamin C content erases the signs of fatigue, prevents the premature aging of skin and gives your face luminosity, vitality and softness from the first application. The Proteoglycans have a high capacity to moisturize, lubricate and soften skin. For a face smoother to the touch.

Yes, lot’s of words and promises, but to me, it sounds great! I don’t know, maybe it’s the design of the bottle combined with the text above, but I’ve already have a lot of faith in the product.

How to use:

Uhm well, I don’t know. Luckily I’ve found this video on the website of La Cabine

How it really went:

I decided to use it daily, during my day and night time routine, after cleansing and toning. Opening the ampoule was quit easy. I recommend to let the top part stay in the plastic casing. Because… Yeah, I didn’t. I removed the plastic casing, and then dropped the top part. Well… it’s made of glass, so I had little glass pieces on the bathroom floor- not that great. 

The substance was translucent white with a rose-like scent. I thought the scent was kinda subtile, but my husband found the smell overwhelming. The liquid did absorb fast and one shot was more than enough to fill my whole face and neck.  

The results:

After applying, my face immediately felt smooth, firm and glowing. And the results were visible during the rest of the day. My skin felt so soft, I couldn’t stop touching it.

Three days later, my acne scars became less visible. But I’m not quite sure it’s because of the product. My acne scars have been on my face for a while, so maybe my skin was natural healing. Or maybe it’s the product?

Suddenly, my husband gave me an unexpected skin compliment. He thought my skin looks radiant: “The dark spots under your eyes are fading and you have fewer pimples”. Thanks! (As far as I know, the product doesn’t fight against acne. But maybe…)

As I’ve mentioned before, the softness of my skin is addictive!

Do I recommend it?

Yes! I don’t think this product is especially designed for the Asian skin (it’s a Spanish brand), but it definitely gives it a boost! After only three days, I saw stunning the results.

For me, I think it’s worth to use the ampoules for a longer time, to see if it really fades my dark spots and if it removes acne.

La Cabine also has a wide range of ampoules, varying from anti-aging to botox-like (with snake venom peptides!). I’m really curious about that, but I honestly don’t need botox (yet). 

Also, I’ve read on La Cabine’s website that the brand is expanding to China. Possibly it’s soon conquering the Asian beauty market? I don’t know, but La Cabine is deserving to keep an eye on!

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