Review | Orcé foundation, is it worth the money?

When I was a teenager, everyone suddenly started to use foundation to hide their adolescent pimples. So one day, a friend and I went to an high-end cosmetic store to buy one ourselves. We’ve asked the employee for some advice, and quickly she found the right foundation for my friends skin tone. Then she looked at my skin, and mumbled: “Well, we don’t have foundations for dark skin colors. This is the darkest one we’ve got.”

She showed me a light-colored foundation, and suggested that I probably could buy several shades, and mix it up to my skin color. I thanked her for her advice, and left the place disappointed.

A couple of years later, various brands started to develop foundations for darker skin colors. And I’ve found one that semi-matched my skin tone. ‘Semi’, because it was originally created for black women, so it didn’t really match my yellow skin-tone. Besides, it made my skin dry, itchy and bumpy. But it was good enough, and I used it for years.

Recently I’ve discovered Orcé Cosmetics, a brand that creates foundations for Asian women. Orcé wants to fill the blank space that exists between K-beauty/ J-beauty brands, and mainstream American/ European beauty houses. And I kinda like that! K-beauty/ J-beauty brands helps to prevent skin problems, like dark spots and acne scares. While American/ European brands specializes on covering skin problems, with foundation for example. In other words, I feel that Orcé foundations could give me the best of both worlds.

The Price

Yeah, that was one thing that bothered me the most. It’s quite expensive! One bottle of foundation (30 ml) costs $89. And I think that’s a lot for (just) foundation. They also offer an Experience Set for $30, that comes with three small shades (3 ml).

Even though I really wanted to buy a bottle of 060 Lura (because that model has my complexion!), I’ve decided to go for the Experience Set Dark – seeing the price.

I’ve signed up for their mailing list to get 10% off, and added the product to my shopping cart. During the check out, it suggested that I could pay $0.98 for Route Shipping Protection (okay, fine), and then it added an another $16.77 for shipping to The Netherlands. I paid a total amount of $44.66.

The shipping wasn’t really fast. More than three weeks later, I’ve received a message from the local postoffice, that my package had arrived. In comparison, I’ve ordered a package from Hong Kong the same day (standard shipping), and it came four days faster. But then there was an another surprise: I had to pay €18.28 ($21.38) import duty! So the total price of three 3 ml foundations was: $66,04!!! I really did my best not to cry at the postoffice.

The package

The package came with a note from the founder, an ‘How to find your shade’, and a booklet about the brand. When I openend the bottles, I was slightly disappointed. Okay, 3 ml isn’t that much, but I didn’t expect the bottles to be that small. Not for the $66,04 I paid…

But I already paid a lot for this, so let’s give it a try.

Orcé foundation shades dark: 040 Novae, 050 Kiko and 060 Lura

Finding my shade

Okay, I already know that 060 Lura is my shade, but let’s start with the ‘How to find your shade’ to be 100% sure.

As you can see by step 1, the 040 Novae section worked out best, because I’ve used my index finger. The others are just… haha. And, as I already expected, the 060 Lura (the last one) match my skin tone perfectly.

The how-to suggests that I can use the light colour as an highlighter and the dark one for contouring. Unfortunately I couldn’t use any shade for contouring, because the darkest one is already my basic shade. But I could use the 050 Kiko, as an highlighter.

What surprises me the most, I only used a few drops of 060 Lura to cover my whole face, I suspected that my 3 ml bottle was a single use, but I have more than enough for a second or third time.

The results: is it worth the money?

I found the foundation really amazing! It’s very light-weighted, and it perfectly covers my dark spots. My skin is more even, and through the day, the foundation didn’t run off. To be honest, I’m a little in love with this foundation. It’s the first one that really suits my skin. If I had a full package, I would use it every day.

Do I think it’s worth the money? Hmmm, for half the price I would definitely buy a full package. But for now, I think it’s overpriced. Especially when their target audience is Asian women. I live in Europe and the price of this foundation is higher, then the average foundation here. I could imagine that most women in Asia, couldn’t afford this. So it kinda missed the mark, I guess.

Besides, to get my skin more even I could buy some K-/ J-beauty skin products for less, with longer lasting results.

But I’m still a fan, so maybe when they drop the prices or give a good discount, I’ll buy this again!

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