Become wealthier by applying Feng Shui in your skin care

A few years ago, it felt like everyone was into Feng Shui. I remember that my roommate was redecorating his room, according to the Feng Shui principles. And I had a co-worker, who wouldn’t stop talking about Feng Shui. Suddenly, I didn’t hear about it anymore. The hype was over -and we started Marie Kondo-ing our house.

Until I watched the Netflix series ‘Restaurants on the edge’, where restaurants around the world are given a helping hand by three professionals. In one episode, a restaurant in Hong Kong was helped. For the refurbishment of the restaurant, they received help from a Feng Shui expert. And I thought: “Oh, that’s still a thing.”

When I started to read more about it, I found out that you can apply Feng Shui to anything, like in your beauty routine. Did you know that applying the Feng Shui principles on your face, could attract great fortune? Sounds great, right? I’ll explain how you can achieve this.

What is feng shui?

Feng Shui is a more than 3000 year philosophy, that teaches how the environment can influence happiness, balance and good luck. It literally means ‘wind’ and ‘water’.

More comprehensive: Feng Shui teaches us which influences design and layout have on our happiness and well-being. And how negative influences can be change into positive ones.

It’s about the relationship between humans and the living or working environment. The goal is to create harmony between natural and created forms. Everything man creates isn’t essential natural, but can be harmonized with nature.

Feng Shui us best known for its use in architecture and decor
Feng Shui us best known for its use in architecture and decor
Photo: ArchiViz by Getty Images

So it isn’t surprising that Feng Shui is best known for its use in architecture and decor. But many Chinese Feng Shui practitioners believe that you can apply these principles to your face as well, following four techniques:

1. Keep your skin smooth and clear

If your face is smooth and clear, then you’ll encounter fewer obstacles in your life. A good and consistent skincare routine will help you with that. Focus especially on your forehead and nose.

Make sure your forehead is clean. This ensures that you gain insights and attract powerful mentors in your life.

Your nose refers to the river Jie, a river that brings great wealth. That means your nose is the money warehouse. How clearer the nose looks, the greater the wealth that is brought. Spots on the tip of the nose are seen as obstacles, so make sure you get rid of them.

Does your skincare routine not yet have the desired results? In other words: do you still suffer from blemishes like pimples, freckles, scars, or wrinkles? Cheat a little and use foundation.

2. Take care of your eyebrows

Groomed eyebrows indicate good health and prosperity. The eyebrows also protect you against attacks of jealous people.

Don’t epilate your eyebrows too much, otherwise you have trouble climbing the ladder of succes. The ideal eyebrows are dark, full, thicker on the inside, narrower on the end and has a slight arch. Straight, overdone arched, or overdrawn eyebrows are therefor not desirable.

3. Glow your cheeks

The cheeks represents your best years of your mature life. When your cheeks are fleshy, show good symmetry, and are glowing, it means that serious wealth is coming.

Add color on your cheeks to give them a radiant look. When your cheeks look sallow and dry, you can revive them with skincare products containing hyaluronic acid to make them look youthful. And with contouring makeup you can visually improve your facial structure.

4. Plump your lips

Plump lips gives extra luck. The mouth is seen as the second river (Huai) on the face. Make sure your lips are soft and plump, but not too large. It has to be balances in proportion with the rest of your facial features.

Keep your lips moist. Dry lips indicates you’re running out of money.

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