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Trying the KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm had been on my list for a while. But I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to put salmon sperm on my skin. Yes, you read that right: salmon sperm. I already found snail slime in skincare yucky, but salmon sperm is like next level (yucky²).

Yet I could barely avoid the hype. Apparently the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm also appeared in the K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch. And soon the balm went viral.

Despite being a bit hesitant (I mean: salmon sperm!), I decided to order the balm anyway. Is it worth the hype? And most of all, would I dare to use it?

The brand Kahi

KAHI is a Korean skincare brand. Their goal is to restore the natural strength of your skin through anti-aging ingredients, like collagen. This improves the overall health of your skin, making it look young and radiant.

The younger you are, the more collagen your skin produces. This makes your skin soft and firm. But the older you get, the less collagen your skin produces. This results in wrinkles, fine lines, and the loss of elasticity. And this process starts from the age of 25!

This is exactly the target group that the KAHI Wrinkle Bounce line has in mind. Although the skincare line is suitable for all skin types, it’s especially beneficial for the mature skin.

All products from the Wrinkle Bounce line contain salmon complex. And this is obtain from the extracts of salmon sperm. So fortunately, the exact sperm isn’t used. That makes it a little less yucky for me.

The salmon complex has three elements that help to restore the skin barrier: salmon collagen, salmon PDRN, and salmon proteoglycan. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this before, and didn’t know salmon was so versatile. I mean, I only eat salmon.

All these elements help to nourish the skin, restore volume loss, and to keep the skin hydrated.

The whole Wrinkle Bounce collection consists of an eight step skincare regime: cleansing foam, mist, essence, ampoule, mask, multi balm, cream and sunscreen. I tried the multi balm, and received two masks for free.

The wrinkle bounce multi balm

The balm reminds me of a larger lip balm. It has a very light and pleasant scent. I didn’t expect that. I thought it would have a more intense scent, perhaps because of my salmon scent association. Because of the soft scent, I quickly got over my salmon sperm phobia, and used it on my lips.

First of all, i discovered I shouldn’t smear it. It quickly loses too much balm, which makes my lips super greasy. Dabbing lightly on my lips is more than enough. What I found striking, my lips immediately felt very nourished and less dry. After using it a few times, my lips are a lot softer.

You can also use the balm for wrinkles, fine lines and dry patches. I used it on the fine lines under my eyes, but I wasn’t a fan of it. It felt too greasy, and my eyelids were shining too much. I even got a comment about it from a friend. So it wasn’t a succes.

Besides, I used the balm for some dry patches on my face. That worked better. After a few uses, my skin felt more hydrated. Still I think it works better as a lip balm.

The wrinkle bounce water full perfecting mask

Photo: Dasha_Romanova

The sheet mask was quite thick, and actually fits my Asian face shape perfectly. The substance didn’t drip, and immediately stuck to my skin. That was very nice, because I could watch TV upright without the mask slipping off.

I had to leave the mask for 10-20 minutes. I left it on for 20 minutes, because my skin could use a boost with these low temperatures.

After I removed the sheet mask, my skin immediately looked more radiant, even younger. The dry patches had disappeared, and my faced resembled that of a Korean celebrity. Usually the effect of a sheet mask disappears after a few hours, but the effect of this sheet mask was still visible the next day!

I think this is the best sheet mask I’ve ever used, and I’m glad I have a second one!

I’m very positive about the KAHI Wrinkle Bounce products I have, and it make me curious about the other ones. The only thing I don’t like is the price. The price for a sheet mask set (6 pieces) is €48.50 ($52.90). Despite being fantastic masks, I think they’re quite expensive. But hey, eating salmon is expensive too.

The balm cost me €34.00 ($36.90) and prices range form €21,75 ($23.90) to €91.00 ($99.90). Buying the entire 8-part collection isn’t yet possible for me, but maybe I should wait for the discount. At least I put it on my Christmas wish list!

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