Review | SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Starter for 1 week

Sometimes you can’t hardly ignore a certain hype. The SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Starter is one of them. After reading, seeing, and hearing a lot about this product, I decided to get it.

The Miracle Starter consists of a 4-step skincare routine. All individual products can also be purchased as larger ones, but they are more expensive. Therefor this set is the perfect solution. It’s cheap (I paid €17.90/ $19.65) and you can try all the products in one go.

I’ve never done a skincare routine where all the products came from the same brand. Actually I’ve never used products from SOME BY MI before. I was very curious about the brand and the skincare routine. Is it something for my dry, sensitive, and (sometimes) pimple skin?

I tested the products for 1 week and this is what happened. Am I going to complete the 30 days?

The brand SOME BY MI

SOME BY MI is a Korean brand. The word ‘mi’ means ‘beauty’ in Korean. The English words ‘something’ and ‘by a miracle’ were combined to it, and together they created the sentence ‘some by mi’.

SOME BY MI believes that natural beauty deserves attention, and that’s why they offer a wide range of skin care and makeup essentials. Their popularity started in Southeast Asian. The brand opened pop-up stores in Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. That was so successful that the brand expanded to more than 20 countries worldwide.

The products are so popular, that you must have across them on instagram! All the products consist of mild skin-friendly ingredients, and free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and colorants. They’re therefor very effective for sensitive and acne-prone skin. When you use all the products in your skincare routine, the brand claims to work wonders for your skin!

Testing the AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Starter

Before you get confused about AHA, BHA and PHA, read this article first.

The set consists of a Miracle Cleansing Bar, a Miracle Toner, a Miracle Serum and a Miracle Cream. The cleansing bar and toner are also the brand’s bestsellers. All the products have the same tea tree smell, and you gotta love that because it’s quit intense.

The set is also called a travel kit, and to be honest, I think it’s more a travel kit then a 30 days trail set. I’m not sure if it’s enough for 30 days. I’ve my doubts especially about the amount of toner and cream.

When I wanted to use it, I ran into a big problem. When should I use it? Once a day? Twice a day? In the morning? In the evening? I’m not a fan of using exfoliants in the morning. My skin becomes very sensitive. Unfortunately there’s nowhere on the packaging when I should use it. Online people said they started using it twice a day and soon switched to once a day. People complained that their skin became too sensitive to use it twice a day.

I decided to start using it twice a day. If it irritates too much, I use it once a day.

Step 1: The miracle cleansing bar

SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Day's Miracle Cleansing Bar

The cleansing bar is a little green soap. I’ve never used soap as a cleanser. First you need to wash your face with water. Then let the bar foam, put in on your face, and leave it for 10 seconds.

I found it difficult to foam the soap properly. I didn’t want to use too much either. I still don’t like the idea of using soap on my face, and because of that I didn’t want to use too much. In the end I just needed a little, and I think I can use the soap for more than 30 days.

After I washed the soap of my face, my face looked clean but dry. It felt like the natural oils of my face had been stripped.

Step 2: The Miracle Toner

SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Day's Miracle Toner

The toner isn’t that economical in use. Maybe it’s the quantity, but it’s not going to save it for 30 days.

The toner was too refreshing for me. It gave a cold sensation to my skin, and I didn’t like that. It felt like my skin was protesting, even though I was using little. My cheeks turned a bit red.

The toner does get a lot of dirt off my face. More than other toners I have. Is this toner a bit more aggressive? Does that make my skin burn? It seems so.

Step 3: The Miracle Serum

SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Day's Miracle Serum

The serum smelled strongly of tea tree. Normally I like the scent of tea tree, but this was too much. My whole bathroom smelled like it too. I didn’t like it.

I didn’t find the serum special. It reminds me of a tea tree serum that I once bought from a Dutch drugstore for €2.00 ($2.36). The serum was easy to spread, but very oily. My face was very shiny and smelled too much like tea tree.

Step 4: The miracle cream

SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Day's Miracle Cream

The cream didn’t impress me. It felt like an ordinary cream, but when combined with the serum, it makes my face shimmery.

Because the package is so small, I try to use as little as possible. Otherwise it will not make the 30 days.

I also started to get little pimples on my forehead. The shine accentuated the pimples, so I wasn’t happy about that. My face stayed shiny all day long, and a big pimple developed on my nose. I hope my face will get beter if I use this product longer.

Results after longer use

I also use the routine in the evening, and after sleeping my skin showed better results. The next morning the pimples are gone and my face appeared brighter. Yet my face felt sensitive. I doubted to go for a morning routine. I did it anyway, and I immediately regretted it. My face was tender, burning and red.

It disappeared during the day, but maybe twice a day was too much for my skin. I decided to only use it in the evenings.

After three days my skin became sensitive again. I couldn’t touch it. Even the slightest touch caused irritation. On the fourth day I adjusted the amount of product. That seems to work so far, but I’m still careful with it.

After a week of use, I don’t know if I’m happy with the products. Do I have to persist for better results? Or doesn’t it suit my skin? I’m going to complete the 30 days (with a minimal amount of product), and then write a second review about the result.

Read Part 2 here


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