Korean straight Eyebrows

I have difficult eyebrows. I’ve been trying to model them for years, but with little result. I was always busy with pencils and tweezers, looking for my eyebrow arch. No matter how many tutorials I watched, I never managed to get a well-trimmed one.

And that’s mainly because I have very little brow hair, they are also very straight, and therefor hard to pluck. What I do hate the most: they tend to collapse during the day. They never stay in shape. Actually I have: Asian Eyebrow Problems.

After a lot of frustration, I went to an eyebrow stylist. “Don’t pluck your brows for a week”, she said.
I made it two weeks, just to be sure.

I went to her hopefully. She inspected my brows and said: “Ah I see, you’ve certainly been epilating too enthusiastically.”
“No, these are my natural eyebrows”, I said sadly.

It took me a while to find out that my eyebrows aren’t the same as those of European people. No matter how hard I tried, I was never going to get Cara Delevingne brows. So it was time to tackle my brows the Asian way, like Korean straight eyebrows. They have been a trend for a while and are quite easy to make if you have Asian eyebrows. I’ll explain how.

What are Korean eyebrows?

You can recognize Korean eyebrows by their straight shape. Compared to European eyebrows, they are fuller and thicker. This effect is achieved by coloring the eyebrows with a light color, lighter than the hair color. In comparison, European eyebrows are often darkened.

The difference between Korean eyebrows and European eyebrows.
Korean vs. European brows

Korean eyebrows are also not perfectly plucked either. It doesn’t matter if there are still some unplucked hairs left. European eyebrows, on the other hand, have a tighter shape.

The advantage of straight eyebrows is that it draws attention to the face. It gives the illusion of a smaller face. A small face is a beauty ideal in Korea, because it makes you look youthful.

How to create Korean straight eyebrows

What I like about this eyebrow technique is that it fits my natural eyebrow perfectly. I hardly have an arch by nature and you don’t need an arch for Korean brows.

I show you how I make a Korean eyebrow with just an eyebrow pencil. I recommend to use an eyebrow pencil from a Korean brand. These are perfect for creating the brows. Use a color that is lighter than your hair color for a soft effect. If you use a color that is too dark, your brows will be too harsh. That is okay if you want to create an European brow, but it’s not desirable for the Korean one.

I use the Karadium Flat Eyebrow Pencil #02 Dark Brown as eyebrow pencil.

There are also tutorials where they epilate the brows straight, but I find that intense. As you can see I already have few eyebrows, so I’m afraid that I will have nothing left if I epilate it more often.

Korean straight eyebrow tutorial
How I create a Korean straight eyebrow

Step 1: This is my natural eyebrow. As you can see the hairs are already straight against my skin. My eyebrow is very thin and my arch isn’t very visible.

Step 2: I brush my eyebrow straight, so that all hairs are straight in shape and to remove loose hairs. Use a soft brush. My Karadium eyebrow pencil has an attached soft brush which models perfectly.

Step 3: Draw the desired shape. Draw a straight line above and below your eyebrow. Follow your eyebrow arch and connect both lines. Fill in your eyebrows. Start at the arch. Here you can fill in thicker. Fill in thinner at the begin of your brow. Pay close attention to your natural brow shape, you don’t want to over do it.

Did you colored outside the lines? Then correct with a cotton swab.

Step 4: Brush your brow to soften hard lines. It doesn’t have to look perfect. It’s okay if there are a few hairs sticking out.

I think Korean straight eyebrows work best on Asian eyebrows. Do you have European brows? Try if this fits your eyebrow shape and face.

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