Gua Sha Guide

Recently my sister asked if I had a jade roller. “No, I haven’t”, I mumbled and added that I saw them a lot on Instagram.
“Okay I wanted to buy one as a Christmas present for you, but I think I’m going to buy something else now”, she said.

I guess I’ve ruined my own Christmas present…

When I started to find out what a jade roller exactly was, I came across Gua sha and I recognized it. A Chinese hairdresser used that once as part of my treatment. I found that very relaxing, especially as I often have tense head muscles. So I decided to find out more about it.

After watching several videos and reading articles, I have made a Gua sha guide, so you can decide if this is something for you. (And I already know what I’m going to ask for Christmas now)

What is Gua sha?

Gua sha is used as treatment for various ailments
Photo: SimplePhoto

Gua sha is part of the traditional Chinese medicine. Gua means press or stroke and sha means redness. Chinese therapists use a polished jade stone or buffalo horn to scrape the skin hard. This will cause bruising and a red skin, that disappear after 2 to 4 days. Fortunately this doesn’t hurt and patients often feel a change and progress in their complaints.

Gua sha is used as a treatment for: injury to muscles and tendons, RSI, poor circulation. headache, fever, cough and shortness of breath, stiffness and pain, and many other ailments.

If you use Gua sha on your face you can use a Gua sha facial tool. You don’t have to press too hard with this. It helps to relax the muscles, stimulates the collagen production, and boosts the circulation. It makes your face smoother and firmer.

Gua sha facial tool
Gua sha facial tool
Photo: Yulia Lisitsa via Getty Images

Why you should use a facial Gua sha

Besides using it as a beauty tool, Gua sha also works against stress. Because you can feel stress in the tension of your muscles, like migraine and neck complaints.

Think of the bent posture you have when you’re working a lot on the computer. In addition, a headache is also a form of tension and facial stress manifests itself in the form of frowning eyebrows and stiff jaws. A facial Gua sha massage can help with this as it relieves tension in the muscles.

How to use a Gua sha?

Use a Gua sha twice a day during your skincare routine. But you better not use it if you have broken capillaries, broken skin or acne.

  1. Never use the roller on bare skin, so make sure your skin is wet or use an oil on it first. You can use plain water or a facial mist.
  2. Start at your neck. Keep the curved side of the tool towards your neck. Glide it gently up and out (not back and forth!). Take short strokes in one direction. Repeat this 3 to 5 times. Then do the same to your jaw, chin and around your mouth.
  3. Press the flat side of the tool onto your red skin to soothe it.
  4. Work the tool in small horizontal strokes over the brow bone. Lift it or hold and press between de brows to release tension.
  5. Stroke down the neck. This drains fluid.

Photo by Handy Wicaksono on Unsplash

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