New K-beauty trend | Slugging

This winter my skin is extremely dry -again. It’s tight and has cracked spots on my cheeks and forehead. Not very surprising, because I have this problem every year. My skin is naturally dry, but in winter it’s next level dry.

Although almost everyone suffers from drier skin during winter, but I have the feeling that people with Asian skin suffer more from it when they live in cold countries. My Asian ex, for example, smeared his face with a thick layer of Vaseline each winter. I wouldn’t do that myself, because I don’t want to have a shiny, greasy face all day. But this did make his skin less dry.

Yet you need Vaseline when you add slugging in your skincare routine. So I definitely had to give it a shot.

Slugging is for people who have very dry skin in winter. It’s an easy to implement step in your skincare routine. And the good thing is, you only need Vaseline. Curious about slugging? Read more about how to use slugging in your daily winter beauty regime.

What is slugging?

Slugging is coating your face in Vaseline overnight. Vaseline forms a layer over the skin. This means that it doesn’t lose moisture and the damaged skin barrier can rebuild itself.

Slugging is coating your face with Vaseline overnight.
Slugging is coating your face in Vaseline overnight.
Photo: Kameleon007 via Getty Images Signature

Many K-beauties who swear by it, say this is their secret to a soft and glass skin.

How does slugging work?

You are supposed to apply an occlusive to your face as last step of your skincare routine. You do this every night before you get into bed.

Occlusives are products that prevent skin dehydration, like lip balm. They don’t take care of your skin, but they slow down the evaporation process.

So when you’re done with your skincare routine, apply a coat of Vaseline on your face. The Vaseline works wonders for your dry face overnight. Make sure that the Vaseline makes your skin greasy and that it doesn’t absorb properly. So it can rub off on your pillow. You can therefor use an extra cushion cover, which you can throw in the washing machine the next morning. Don’t use a towel as the towel fibers can damage your skin.

You don’t have to slug your face every night. And you don’t have to slug your whole face either. Smearing only the dry spots also works fine.

Slugging is coating your face with Vaseline overnight.
Photo: BonNontawat via Getty Images

I’ve been slugging for a few evenings and I’m seeing visible results. My cracked skin has disappeared and my skin is less dry. At least I’ll keep doing this all winter.

Photo by mr lee on Unsplash


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