Review Part 2 | Some By Mi Aha Bha Pha 30 Days Miracle Starter Kit

Previously I posted a review about the Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Miracle Starter Kit after one week. You can read it here.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with it at the time. The toner felt aggressive, the serum and cream didn’t felt that special, and the whole routine made my skin greasy. I was hoping that the experience would improve after 30 days.

Has it improved? Has it done wonders for my skin? Would I buy it again? This is my final review about this product.

Week 2

In the second week I really started to hate the products. My skin seemed more sensitive than ever. Especially in the morning my skin didn’t seem happy with the products. It was burning and red, and it hurt when I touched it.

I actually wanted to throw the products away immediately, but I remembered that people online advised to only use it in the evening if it made your skin sensitive. I was going to do that, after I let my skin rest for 2 days. Yes, it was that bad…

When I was using it again, I smeared a tiny amount on my face in the evening. The next morning my skin didn’t react, so I kept repeating this routine every evening. Also because I didn’t trust the products to last for the full 30 days.

Week 3

I’m starting to notice that, since I’ve been using this products, I have a major inflammation on my face every morning. I also have a lot of bumps on my forehead. I hoped this would lessen.

Nevertheless, something remarkable happened. As I sat at the hairdresser and looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed how radiant my skin was. It came close to glass skin. Yet I still saw the bumps on my forehead, but maybe they would disappear soon?

Week 4

Okay, I have to say my face really looked radiant. My skin was completely used to the products and I could even use it twice a day without my skin getting irritated. Yet I still had inflammation every day and bumps on my forehead, even after 30 days.

The products lasted for 30 days, but that was also because I used very little of them. If I hadn’t, the products wouldn’t have made it.

My final verdict on the products

To be honest, I wouldn’t use the full Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Miracle skincare routine again. I found the result for that to be minimal. Nevertheless I would like to reuse a number of products in bulk packaging.

The Miracle Cleansing Bar

I thought it was a nice cleansing bar. It cleaned my face very well and was very economical to use. After 30 days I almost have a full cleansing bar left.

Nevertheless, it can feel a bit aggressive when your skin is very dry. I noticed that when winter came. I think this bar is ideal in the summer or when you have an oily skin. I would buy this product again.

The Miracle Toner

In the beginning my skin didn’t respond well to this toner. It started to tingle and felt like the toner aggressively removed my skin barrier. But once I got used to it, this toner became one of my favorite skincare products.

Compared to other toners, it removes a lot of dirt. Therefore, I feel like this toner deeply cleanses the pores. Actually I think this toner is most responsible for the result of this skincare routine. I used this toner for a while during my evening skincare routine. Unfortunately it’s empty now, but I recently ordered a larger pack.

The Miracle serum

From the start, I’m not a fan of this serum. The serum makes my skin oily and the oiliness doesn’t disappear. This keeps my face shiny. It don’t recommend it because of this.

The Miracle cream

No, this one is just a no for me. The cream is thin and does nothing for my skin. The cream doesn’t absorb well and remains sticky on my face.

After the 30 days, I only used the cleansing bar and the toner. These two worked perfectly for my skin. The bumps on my forehead disappeared and the inflammations were gone. I do have to say that you have to be careful if you have dry and sensitive skin. For me these products gave extra skin reaction.

If you are curious about these products, I recommend to buy the 30 day trail set. It’s cheaper than a full package and you can test whether this is suitable for your skin in an accessible way.

Curious about the first part of the review? Read it here.


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