The 4 Asian skin care secrets

When I was 6 years old, I watched TV with my grandmother. A commercial came by of a poor child in Africa who was waiting for food. He looked tired and hungry and several flies were on his face. “Why does he have all those flies on his face?”, I cried.
My grandmother slowly turned towards me and said: “Because he didn’t moisturize his skin.”

I was shocked, ran to the bathroom and moisturized my face. I hated moisturizing, but this had convinced me.

My grandmother never let me out without using a moisturizer on my skin. Good skin care was important to her and she was proud of how well she has cared for her skin over the years. When I refused to take care of my skin (as a kid), she always made me feel her soft and young skin. “Asian women take care of their skin. European women don’t and that’s why they look older”, she always said.

The importance of good skin care has been passed on from generation to generation by Asian women. But what secrets do they share? I will reveal to you the 4 most important secrets.

1. more than 4 steps skincare routine

Western skincare regime is quite basic. It usually consists of a maximum of 3 steps which are mainly about cleaning and moisturizing. An Asian skincare routine, at the other hand, starts at 4 steps and can end at 15 steps!

All products are applied in a fixed order. The light skin care products come first and then the heavier ones. And most preferably the routine is repeated every morning and evening.

2. Focus on: moisturize, Brighten and Whiten

Most Asian skin care products serve three purposes: it has to moisturize, brighten and whiten the face. And to achieve these goals, extreme ingredients are sometimes used like, snail slime or salmon sperm. That may sounds gross, but they are often very effective.

Why these 3 goals are so important has to do with the needs of the Asian skin. Asian skin is often dry and hyperpigmented. Read more about the characteristics of Asian skin here.

3. No foundation

In the Western beauty industry foundation is used to mask skin imperfections, such as pimples, redness and hyperpigmentation. Asian skin care aims to prevent these imperfections, so you hardly need any makeup. It’s therefor not surprising that Asian women spend more money on skin care products, than on makeup.

Yet it takes time to have a radiant, bright and smooth skin. Asian women are therefor very disciplined to their skin care routine.

4. The competition in the Asian beauty industry

The competition in the Asian beauty industry is huge! Beauty producers compete for the best, but also for the cheapest products. Japan and Korea are the longtime leaders in skin care innovation in Asia. But China is also starting to have an increasing part. In 2012 China became the worlds third largest cosmetic market. It isn’t surprising that the competition is fierce. The Asian beauty industry is the world’s biggest beauty and personal care market.

Because of this competition, Asian women always have the latest skin care innovations at their disposal.

Photo by alexandra lammerink on Unsplash

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