Do you actually need a Beauty Fridge?

I can mindlessly scroll through Instagram for hours. My algorithm is mainly based on skin care products. What I often see: skincare routines, skin care facts, skin care reviews, beauty product towers and beauty fridges.

Beauty fridges are cheerful mini fridges where beauty addicts store their products. I must admit that I only know them because of Instagram. None of my friends has one. Besides, I have never seen them in Dutch beauty stores. Yet I secretly fell in love with the beauty fridges and fantasized about having my own. Big problem: I have no idea where to put it.

And besides that, I don’t know whether I should actually keep my beauty products in the fridge. In any case, it’s not on the package. So my burning question: do we really need beauty fridges? I figured it out for you.

What is a beauty fridge?

The Peach Beauty Mini Makeup Fridge is an example of a beauty fridge.

A beauty fridge is a mini fridge. Here you can keep your beauty products cool. The temperature of the beauty fridge is lower than your regular fridge. This means your products have a longer shelf life. High temperatures can cause active substances to be lost quickly. The beauty fridge prevents that.

A cold substance can also soothe your skin. A beauty fridge is useful for that. The fridge has a small size, which makes it easy to fit on a bathroom cabinet.

How do you use a beauty fridge?

Whether the beauty products should be refrigerated, is stated on the packaging. These can be moisturizers with antioxidants, serums with active ingredients, eye creams, face mists, face rollers and SPF’s.

Beauty products with oils shouldn’t be kept in the beauty fridge. The texture could change.

But do you need a beauty fridge?

Actually it hardly happens that you have to keep a beauty product in the fridge. Before a beauty product enters the market, it has to pass various tests. One of them must show that the product is stable and therefor doesn’t change if you store it at room temperature.

Beauty products must also be able to withstand extreme heat. For example during a heat wave where your home heats up considerably.

Unless you buy a beauty product that is also kept in the refrigerator at the beauty store, then you should also keep it in the fridge at home.

So actually you don’t need a beauty fridge. Unless you do it for the gram 😉

But I skip this hype anyway.

Photo by itakayuki via Getty Images

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