Diary Pimples

A lot of diary is eaten in the Netherlands. Milk is drunk or cheese is eaten at almost every meal. The idea is that diary is healthy and ensures that you get strong bones. Especially when I was young, I often get diary with my food. Something I was not used to.

When I was a child and went to eat with Dutch friends, I got a glass of milk with my meal and often I had to eat at least one cheese sandwich. I didn’t really like that, but refusing was not an option. Melk is goed voor elk (Milk is good for everyone), was the Dutch slogan. They meant that the quality of milk from Dutch cows was so good, that it had many benefits for your health. For children it was: milk makes you big and strong.

So when the pediatrician noticed that my height was below the Dutch average, her advice was: “Drink more milk.”
It didn’t matter that my height was actually average for Asian standards, but I had to take more diary.

Now that I am older, I barely eat any diary. Because it gives me a stomach ache and worse: pimples. When I eat diary, I have all sorts of pimples on my face within an hour. I found out that diary can trigger acne. And a lot of people suffer from it. But how? I figured out.

Why do you get acne from diary?

Researchers agree that diary can trigger acne. But how that exactly works is unclear. Yet they have several theories for it.

One theory is that diary cows are given artificial hormones so that they produce more milk. These hormones can unbalance your hormones, causing acne. But it could also be that the natural hormones in milk can cause acne.

Another theory is that taking diary with high levels of refined foods and processed sugars disrupts insulin levels, so you get breakouts faster.

In any case, the following is certain: when you take diary, you get whey and casein. These are the proteins of milk and they provide the growth and hormones of calves. When we digest this, it releases a hormone similar to insuline: IGF-1. This hormone causes the acne.

If you are lactose intolerant your acne is caused by your lactose sensitivity or as an allergic reaction.

How to treat diary breakouts?

Photo: ferlistockphoto via Getty Images

The following treatments can soothe your skin and reduce acne:

  • Use skin care products that contain AHA or salicylic acid
    These ingredients unclog your pores.
  • Add tea tree oil to your skin care routine
    Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Read more about the benefits of tea tree oil.
  • Use cleansers suitable for acne prone skin
    Clean your skin well, so pimples don’t stand a chance. Especially use a cleanser for acne prone skin, like Pyunkang Yul Acne Facial cleanser or SOME BY MI AHA, BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Foam.
  • Don’t touch your pimples
    Okay, it’s very tempting to squeeze your pimples, but you’re just adding more bacteria to the broken skin. This only gives you more pimples. Don’t touch it, so you get rid of your pimples faster.

Do you continue to suffer from diary pimples? Try to eat less diary. Do you still suffer from pimples? Maybe diary isn’t the cause but something else. Consult a dermatologist.

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