Why you should take hair vitamins

A while ago, I bought my shampoo online. As a gift for my online order I received a box of hair vitamins. The vitamins were in the form of soft, pink, sugar-free candies and were also very tasty. They were so tasty that I ate the sweets within days. Not that I felt guilty about that, they were sugar-free after all.

A few days later, my hair looked fuller. And not only the hair on my head, but also my leg hair looked fuller. Normally I have little leg hair, and the leg hair that I do have is barely visible, but now I couldn’t ignore it. Thick black hair was now coming out of my legs. Time to shave!

Yet I can say that the hair vitamins do their job. So that’s why I’m telling you why you should take them.

What are hair vitamins?

Hair vitamins are vitamins that ensure that your hair grows well and stays healthy. There are a number of vitamins that give your hair a boost:

  • Vitamin B8. This vitamin gives you beautiful hair. It’s often used in shampoos or other hair products. Yet they have little effect on your hair. It’s better to get this vitamin from within, for example from your food or through a supplement. Vitamin B8 is found in milk, eggs, soy products and nuts.
  • Copper. Copper prevents your hair for turning grey. You can find it in chocolate, vegetables and wholemeal bread.
  • Zinc. Zinc provides strong hair and prevents split ends. Meat, fish, brown rice, brown bread and legumes contain zinc.
  • Selenium. Selenium ensures your hair grows well and that it stays strong. You don’t need much of this mineral and you can find it in organ meats, Brazil nuts, fish and shellfish.
Hair vitamins are vitamins that ensure that your hair grows well and stays healthy.
Photo: Zinkevych via Getty Images

You can take these vitamins and minerals as separate supplements, but you can also take hair vitamins.

The 3 best hair vitamins

A hair vitamin that already contains all the important vitamins and minerals, is a lot less hassle than buying and taking all the supplements separately. And because I like it easy, here’s a list of the 3 best hair vitamins. You can take the vitamins in the form of a candy or swallow a pill. I prefer the candy version myself 🙂

Front Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

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