The essential of essence

I got my first (facial) essence during a wellness day with my sister. After a day full of massages and beauty treatments, we received a bottle of Maria Galland Essence. Actually I didn’t know what it was, but my sister was very enthusiastic. “This is a good brand”, she shouted.

And she should have known, because she is a beautician herself. I opened the package and smelled it for a moment. A strong odor entered my nose. “Is this a scent?”, I asked.
“No, this is for your face”, my sister answered.

I didn’t trust it because of the strong scent. Hey, I have a sensitive skin. So it landed on my shelf and I found it back years later. In the meantime I already had several essences in my skincare routine and I had completely forgotten that I still had one from Maria Galland.

I still think the scent is too strong, but now I know exactly what an essence is. And no, it’s not a facial perfume :p

What is an essence?

An essence makes your whole skincare routine more effective
Photo: Floral Deco

An essence is originally from the J-beauty industry, but as is in the case with many J-beauty products, K-beauty has made its use popular. An essence is like a serum, but lighter. It is less concentrated, however it also has a high dose of active ingredients. These active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin, so that your other skincare products work better. Thanks to the essence, your whole skincare regime will become more effective.

The basic ingredients of an essence are hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These ingredients are essential to hydrate the skin.

How to use an essence?

Use an essence after you have (double) cleansed your face. Unless you use a pH-balancing toner or astringent. Then you have to use the pH-balancing toner or astringent first and then the essence. But actually you want the essence to be the first product you put on your dry skin.

Apply some essence on your hands and spread it on your face. Some people use a cotton pad to apply it, but that is wrong. The cotton pad absorbs a large part of the product.

Photo: RyanKing999

Even though an essence looks like a serum, you don’t have to use it like a serum. So you only need one essence in your entire skincare routine.

The 5 best Asian beauty Essences

Front Photo: metamorworks via Getty Images

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