Smoother skin? Try face shaving

During the winter I always suffer from flaky skin. Sometimes on my forehead and often on my cheeks. It is tempting to pick at it or dig at it. But often the flakes come off by themselves. Or as a coworker once said to me: “Your skin is falling off.”


A few months ago, I accidentally read that some women use facial razors for flaky skin. I decided to give it a try, mainly because the razors cost only € 3.05 ($ 3.51). And when I finally got them, I was afraid to use them. The razors also remove peach fuzz and imagine it comes back three times as thick?

Nevertheless I dared to try. But just a little bit to see how it would turn out. The first time I was clearly pressing too hard on my skin, causing it to bleed a bit. When I gently ran the razor over my face, it removed the flakes and my face became super soft. Dark spots also became lighter or disappeared completely.

And my facial hair? It still came back the same (and not as thick black hair) 🙂

This technique is also called Dermaplaning. You can have this treatment performed by a professional, but I understand it’s quite expensive. You can also do it yourself at home and believe me, it’s quite easy to do.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a bit like shaving.
Photo: miya227 via Getty Images

Dermaplaning is a bit like shaving. The difference is that the scalpel is designed to remove facial hair and to exfoliate the skin as well. It removes the topmost layer of the skin. The topmost layer of the skin contains oil, dirt, peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

Dermaplaning isn’t suitable for anyone. Do you suffer from acne, eczema or sensitive skin? Then you better not do this. I have sensitive skin myself, so I just don’t shave my entire face. Only where the flakes are most visible. This doesn’t irritate my skin.

Why you should shaving your face

Photo: RyanKing999

Shaving your face has 4 benefits:

  1. Exfoliation. Shaving your face removes dead skin cells and facial hair.
  2. More radiant and brighter skin. Dead skin cells give your skin a dull and dark appearance. When you shave this away, your skin becomes more radiant and brighter.
  3. Your skin care products penetrate deeper. Facial hair collects dirt and oil that forms a barrier between your skin and the products you apply. When you remove your facial hair, you give the products a chance to penetrate deeper into your skin. This makes them more effective.
  4. Makeup can be applied better. Dermaplaning makes your face softer and pores look smaller. This makes it easy to apply makeup on your face.

How to shave your face?

Although I sometimes read to use a regular razor, I don’t recommend it. A normal razor has multiple blades and is quite sharp. That isn’t very good for the skin of your face. I use an eyebrow razor myself. This blade is designed for the skin of your face, has one blade and isn’t very sharp. It’s also a lot cheaper.

An eyebrow razor is ideal for shaving your face.
An eyebrow razor is ideal for shaving your face
Photo: Amphawan Chanunpha via Getty Images

How I shave my face:

  1. I cleanse my face and make sure it’s dry.
  2. I pull my skin tight and make small strokes downwards. You’ll soon see that the dead skin cells are coming off and some peach fuzz.
  3. You can choose to shave your whole face or just your flaky skin (if you have a sensitive skin like me). When shaving your entire face, avoid your eyelids, sides of your nose and your hairline.
  4. Ready? Continue with your skin care routine. I recommend to add at least a hydrating serum to your routine for a radiant result.

Photo by Binh Ly on Unsplash

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