Why you need a water cream as a moisturizer

Once I ordered a load of skin care products. Because I ordered so much, I got a lot of beauty samples. I like samples, but I never use them. I always think that I have to use them for a special moment. So I keep them and wait when that special moment arrives. But that moment never comes.

As a child, I collected beauty samples. I also kept it for a special moment. Then I knew what that special moment was: my first date. I had to use so many beauty samples at the time (when I would have my first date) so that my skin was super radiant. That moment never came either.

I still have a load of beauty samples in my drawer. One time I decided to take a look closer and saw some water cream samples. I was already familiar with them, but had never use them before. When I put the first sample of my skin, I was sold. I immediately loved the watery texture, the fast absorption, and the great hydration.

Since then I have a thing for water creams.

Especially in the winter months, when my skin need some extra hydration. Can your skin use some extra moisturize? Consider a water cream.

What is a water cream?

Photo: pixelshot

It may sound logical, but a water cream is a cream based on water. This gives the advantage that the water delivers instant hydration. It isn’t sticky or heavy, what makes it great for the dry skin.

In addition, the cream has even more active hydrating ingredients. So there is hyaluronic acid in it. This ingredient pulls water from the environment and at the same time it creates a barrier to the skin that seals moisturize. It’s non-comedogenic and it’s not oil-based which makes it perfect for the sensitive and acne-prone skin.

It also contains ingredients that absorb well into your skin and prevents skin aging. Alpha- arbutin brightens hyperpigmentation and papaya enzymes remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores. This makes your skin soft, supple and healthy.

Use a water cream as last step of your skin care routine. It’s best to use it twice a day so you get a long-lasting moisturize.

Can you use a water cream if you don’t have a dry skin?

Any skin type that could use some extra hydration will benefit from a water cream. When does your skin need extra hydration? If your skin looks dry, flaky and wrinkled. Most people suffer from this at some point, so everyone benefits from the power of a water cream.

But even if your skin doesn’t need some extra hydration, a water cream still offers benefits. A water cream also prevents wrinkles and brightens the skin tone.

But beware if you have a dry skin as a skin condition. A water cream alone isn’t good enough. You would need more skin care products that treats your dry skin.

Top 3 best water creams

Front photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash


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