How to prevent static hair

As a child I loved static hair. As soon as my hair went static, I called my sisters and we laughed at my hair. I also liked making my hair static on purpose. Then I rubbed it with a balloon until my hair stood up. Or I brushed my hair while hanging upside down.

Nowadays I don’t like it that much anymore. Especially in winter my hair sometimes wants to become static . It’s difficult to model and it sometimes crackles. Yikes!

Luckily there are some tricks to combat static hair. So if you also suffer from it, I have some tips to stop it.

Why does your hair become static?

Static hair has to do with electricity in the air and in your hair. If there is friction between two different materials (such as your hair and a plastic brush), an exchange of electrons occurs. Electrons are negative charged particles.

Your hair receives the electrons and is therefor negatively charged. Your brush loses the electrons and becomes positively charged.

When your hair contains enough moisture and the humidity is high, the negative charge disappears from your hair by itself. But in winter this gets tricky. Your hair is often a bit drier and the humidity is low. Therefor the electrons remain in your hair.

Your hair and brush repel each other, like a magnet. This makes your hair fly in all directions.

5 Tips against static hair

Static hair can easily be prevented. Here are some tips.

1. Change your hair brush

Is your hair mostly static when you brush it? Then you probably use a plastic hair or metal brush. These brushes are very sensitive to negative electricity. Therefor use wooden brushes or ion brushes.

An ion brush is an anti-static brush that releases ions into your hair. Ions are positively charged particles that cancel out the negative electricity in your hair.

Do you still want to use your plastic or metal brush? Put it in the fridge or wet it before using it.

2. Moisturize your hair

Moisturize your hair by adding oil or aloe vera. Well-hydrated hair doesn’t become static. Apply it on wet hair for optimal hydration.

In addition, oil also ensures that there is less friction and allows your brush to slide easily through your hair.

3. Use a conditioner with silicone

Take good hair care of your hair. Especially in winter because it then loses a lot of moisture. A conditioner will help keep your hair hydrated.

Use one with silicone. Some silicones contain positively charged molecules, like hydrolyzed aminoacids.

4. Be careful with synthetics and wool

No matter how nice and warm a woolen winter sweater is, it isn’t good for your hair. Wool removes moisture from your hair and the friction also causes tangles.

Synthetic materials conduct electricity and therefore attract negatively charged particles. Therefore prefer to wear cotton clothing or spray some hair spray on your synthetic clothing.

5. Use dryer sheets

Run a dryer sheet over your hair and brush. Dryer sheets contain fabric softener that help to eliminate negativity. They also smell good and you can easily take them anywhere.

Have you tried all the tips, but your hair still remain static? Then you probably have fine hair naturally or damaged hair. This makes it difficult for your hair to retain moisture. Try to follow the tips anyway to prevent further damage. Take good care of your hair and use a lot of oil or aloe vera.

Front page photo: SHOTPRIME

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