Is An Eye Cream A Waste Of Money?

I have used eye cream for years. I have been quite insecure about my eyes, because it seems like I have eternal bags under my eyes. And if I have slept badly, they get dark. This makes me look extra tired and sick.

My eyes don’t look Asian either. “Oh you look Asian/ Indonesian, except your eyes”, I am often told. And that’s true. I have inherited my eyes from a European ancestor. And apparently those eyes are super hereditary: my mom has them, my grandfather, my great-grandmother and the European ancestor.

So to make my eyes look less tired, I used eye cream. A lot of eye cream… I assumed my puffiness would disappear after a while and I would always look fresh. But after years of use, I actually saw no results. And when I heard everywhere that you shouldn’t need eye cream, I stopped using it.

But is that true? Do we need eye cream or can we skip them? I figured it out.

What are eye creams?

Photo: Kzenon

An aging skin is often first visible around your eyes. You will see fine lines, dark circles or sagging skin. Skin care brands respond to this effectively. Thanks to eye cream, the first signs of skin aging are tackled! But is this correct?

It is true that your skin around your eyes is different from the rest of your face. It is thinner and more sensitive. But that doesn’t mean you need a different product there than the rest of your face.

The eye creams on the market are often thick and heavy. And that is not always effective. Especially if you have wrinkles around your eyes. Eye cream ensures that your concealer draws in the lines of your eyes, making your wrinkles even more visible!

And that’s why eye creams often are not recommend by skin care specialists.

But should we stop using eye creams?

Eye creams aren’t always necessary, a mild day and night cream is sufficient for the skin around your eyes. But only if the skin under your eyes is the same as the rest of your face.

Is your skin around your eyes drier than the rest of your face? Then a special eye cream is necessary. Is your skin around your eyes irritated and the rest of your face not? Then an eye cream can help. So always check the condition of your skin around your eyes. Does it have different needs than the rest of your skin? Then purchase a special eye cream.

And what about bags under the eyes?

Actually, you can’t make bags disappear with eye cream. You can possibly put a soothing cream around your eyes. But it’s better to prevent puffiness than cure. For example, you can sleep more, drink less alcohol and eat less salt.

And dark circles?

Use a cream with SPF filter under your eyes. These inhibit the production of melanin. This makes your skin color smoother, making dark circles disappear.

And wrinkles/ sagging skin?

A good face cream works well for wrinkles and sagging skin. This can make your skin firmer and tighter. But if you want to lift the skin more, you really need an eye lift surgery.

Use a SPF around your eyes

We already knew that you have to protect your skin from the sun every day with a SPF. Read more about it here. Therefor spread your sunscreen around your eyes too. Many eye skin problems are exacerbated by sunlight. And wear sunglasses to provide extra protection for the skin around your eyes.

So eye creams are only a waste of money if the skin around your eyes isn’t different than the rest of your face. Is your skin different around your eyes? Then an eye cream can really work!

Front photo: Ryanking999


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