Review | Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream

During the cold months I can’t do without a hand cream. Because my hands always get so dry that they sometimes hurt. They also get dark spots and that makes my hands a lot darker than the rest of my body. Not so charming…

I used to be not that picky when it comes to hand cream. As long as I put some on my hands, I was satisfied. Until I found out that one hand cream hydrated my skin more than the other. So an endless search for the best suitable hand cream followed. Thicker, softer hand creams always nourished my hands better than thin or scented ones. The thicker, the better.

And I seemed to have found my ideal hand creme. I love the German brand Alkmene and not only their hand creams are great, their body lotions too! Only drawback: the brand is not for sale in The Netherlands. And it didn’t matter before the lockdown. During the lockdown I bought it way too expensive through Amazon, because I couldn’t cross the German border.

When my supply started to run out, I decided to look for an alternative hand cream. On Yesstyle I came across the Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream and since I am quite a fan of this brand, I decided to order it. Is it a good replacement for my beloved Alkmene hand cream?

What the Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream promises

The Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream is a hydrating hand cream that instantly boosts the moisture levels of dry hands. It contains 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica extract and other EWG-verified ingredients:

  • The cactus extract contains 8x the amount of moisturizing ingredients and vitamins. This makes the cream absorb better and it also soothes irritated, chapped skin.
  • The barberry root extract helps lower skin heat and soothes the skin.
  • The centella asiatica nourishes and repairs the skin.
  • The crophularia buergeriana extract helps revitalize and soften the skin and it improves the elasticity as well.
  • The jojoba seed oil forms a healthy moisture barrier and minimizes moisture loss. 

These ingredients soothes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth all day long. The hand cream is also free from artificial colorants and fragrances. And important: it’s cruelty-free.

The hand cream is especially beneficial for people who often have to wash their hands, such as beauticians, doctors or anyone during the pandemic 🙂

What do I think of the The Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream?

When I got the hand cream, it looked smaller than expected. What is that with the Asian brands? Why are the packaging always smaller than the European brands? Okay everything is smaller in Asia, including myself, but still. Maybe it’s my expectation. I am just used to a different packaging size.

The hand cream fits nicely with the rest of my Pyunkang Yul stuff on my shelf and that gives a satisfied feeling. The cream itself is a lot thinner than expected! I am starting to have my doubts. I still need a thicker hand cream. Yet it is easy to spread and absorbs mega quickly.

It doesn’t even tingle on my hands. The Alkmene cream always tingles a bit. But I think it’s a sign the cream is doing its job well. At least that’s what my beautician always said. Because this cream doesn’t tingle a bit, I no longer have any expectations of it.

I work from home, so I start my laptop and forget the cream. All of a sudden I realized that my hands didn’t feel dry or hurt. And I had washed my hands a few times in the meantime. Hmmm…

During the day I didn’t have to cream my hands again and the next day a little hand cream is enough for the rest of the day. Okay I am convinced now. With the Alkmene cream I had to cream my hands several times a day to keep them soft and moisturized. What a waste of time (in hindsight)! The Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream works all day long. My hands stay soft and moisturized during the day. I am still a bit flabbergasted!

So if you have super dry hands that hurt, with dark spots and chapped skin (like I HAD!). Then the The Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream is your solution!

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