7 Common Mistakes When Scrubbing Your Face

The last time I bought a face scrub was 1,5 years ago in Thailand. I was randomly buying beauty products and found the Garnier Light Complete Brightening Scrub.

I didn’t believe that this scrub could brighten my face, but I wanted to try it because I’m familiar with the European Garnier products and I liked the brand so far.

The face scrub was a complete disaster. It was very rough on my face. It felt like it agressefly removed my skin barrier! Afterwards my face felt abused. It was drier than before, it burned, and completely red. Oh, and it didn’t brighten my skin at all!

I think I have used the scrub 3 more times. But the results remained the same. I wanted to throw away the scrub, but my husband admitted he did like it. So I gave it to him and he was very satisfied with it.

Since then I never bought or used a face scrub again. Maybe I’m a bit traumatized since the Garnier scrub. When I think about scrubbing my face, I still feel the burning sensation…

Recently I found out that maybe my sensitive and dry skin type isn’t suitable for a face scrub. And I also discovered that there are more (common!) mistakes are made when scrubbing your face. So here I present you the 7 common mistakes. And I admit, I made a few of them…

1. Scrubbing your dry and sensitive skin

When you have dry and sensitive skin, it’s better to leave your skin alone. A dry and sensitive skin is quickly irritated and a face scrub can overload your skin. It’s also better not to scrub a burned skin or skin with eczema.

So do not use a face scrub when your skin is dry and sensitive. I wish I knew that before…

2. Using a body scrub for your face

Ha! I admit I made this mistake in the past. That time I wanted to scrub my face, but I didn’t had any face scrub, so I used a body scrub…

But actually using a body scrub as a face scrub is an absolute no go! A body scrub is coarser than a face scrub. A face scrub is much finer and therefor more suitable for your face.

When you use a body scrub for your face, it could harm it. This can lead to inflammation. So only use a scrub that’s suitable for your face, when scrubbing it.

3. Don’t wet your face before scrubbing

When you don’t wet your face before you scrub, it’s more difficult to spread the scrub evenly over your face. This unconsciously makes you scrub harder.

So always wet your face beforehand. This way you can distribute the scrub better.

4. Scrub too hard

Don’t scrub too hard. Always scrub gently. Spread the scrub on your face with gentle circulating movements. And avoid your eye contours, because your skin is a lot thinner there.

5. Scrubbing pimples

Do you have pimples? Then don’t scrub. Your pimples are little inflammations on your skin and you could damage them when scrubbing your skin. This could lead to more sebum production and more pimples!

So don’t scrubbing your face when you suffer from pimples.

6. Scrubbing before cleansing

Don’t scub before you cleansed your face. Always cleanse your face first before using a face scrub. This makes your skin free of make-up residues and dirt.

7. Scrubbing too often

It could be tempting to scrub your face often. But when you do that, you could irritate your skin. This could make your skin red and dry. Or your skin could produce more sebum which can clog your pores.

Scrubbing your face once or twice a week is more than enough to remove dead skin cells.

Front photo: Ariwasabi

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