Why I love The Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream For My Dry and Sensitive Skin

‘Soon Jung, that means that you will become young soon’, my husband said when I was using this face cream. Okay, I had to laugh.

Honestly, I have had this Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive face cream on my shelf for a while. Maybe even for four months… I didn’t think that this face cream would really do something for my face, because it was rather a cheap cream. I paid €11.48 ($13.85) for it.

So in the mean time I used up my expensive face creams and forgot about this one. And then while cleaning up my shelf I came across this cream again and I thought: let’s try this. I didn’t know this cream was such a game changer for my skin. In hindsight I could used it sooner!

About the brand Etude House

This is the first time I have used an Etude House product, but I was familiar with the brand. That isn’t surprising, because this brand was founded in 1966! But at that time the company had several other names. The name changed to Etude Corporation in 1997.

Etude House Seoul is a South Korean cosmetics brand and was launched in 2005. The brand name is based on the French word Etude what means ‘study’.

Since 2009 the brand opened stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei, Japan, Dubai and Kuwait.

The brand’s motto is to freely and proudly unleash your inner princess. Using their products should feel like you are becoming a princess. Apparently the ‘feeling like a princess’ is part or their marketing. Etude House stores have a pink, romantic princess-style design. The employees are dressed in pink princess dresses and will greet you with “Hello princess” and “Be happy, princess”.

I found that kind of surprising, because the packaging of the Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive cream doesn’t exude a princess theme to me. And I’m glad I didn’t visit an Etude House store, because I dislike pink princess themes and then I would have never bought this product.

The Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive face

The Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive face is a moisturizing cream. It uses a protein barrier that improves the skin resistance. It soothes the skin and cures the damaged and irritated skin, making it soft and hydrated.

The cream contains shea butter and madecassoside. The sea butter is a moisturizer and is rich in antioxidants. Madecassoside is an active component of Centella Asiatica. It has soothing, wound healing and antioxidant properties.

It promises to intensely hydrate the skin and restores its oil and water balance while repairing the damage. It also has a low pH formulation and it’s free from fragrances, artificial colors and parabens.

Why this face cream is a game changer

Despite the fact that spring is alread in full swing, this is still not very noticeable in the Dutch weather. It’s cold, windy and rainy. And the heating is sometimes on. The result of this can be seen in my face. It’s dry, flaky, itchy and red.

That’s why I kept smearing with water creams. But the weather and heating started to demand a lot from the water creams. They could hardly take it anymore.

Luckily I used the Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive face just at the right time. With few expectations I opened the package. And then I got into a fight with the cap. I wanted to take the cap off to remove the foil, as I have to do with most tubes. But no matter what I tried, the cap couldn’t come off.

How was the cream supposed to come out? Even when I squeezed it hard, no cream came out. So I called my husband. He looked at it for a moment and turned the cap a quarter turn to the right. He squeezed it and the cream came out! I didn’t know what to say. So that’s how it works.

If you squeeze the tube once, the same dose of cream always comes out. I like that. That way I know if I use enough cream. It’s more than I would normally use anyway, but the amount is enough for the cream to work well on my face.

The cream is white and odorless. It spreads smoothly on my face. And it doesn’t give any reaction to my sensitive skin.

My skin looks better immediately! It has a healthy shine, feels soft and the flakes have disappeared after the first use. My skin stays incredibly soft and radiant all day long. I can’t stop touching my face!

After about a week the red spots on my face start to diminish and my eternal pimples on my temples too. I’m not sure if the latter is due to the cream, because as far as I know it doesn’t combat pimples. But I really notice a big difference in my skin! It looks much healthier, it no longer itches and the dryness is also largely gone.

And now I regret that I leave this product in my shelf for so long. The cream would have dragged my skin through the winter well. Next winter this product will get a more prominent place in my skin care routine!

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