Why Sleeping With Wet Hair Is A Bad Idea

When I was younger, my Dutch friends slept with wet hair. They washed their hair late at night and then went straight to bed without drying their wet hair. The next day their hair had dried and looked like before.

I wanted that too. It saved so much time. It always took me so long to blow dry my hair. But my mother didn’t like this idea. ‘Sleeping with wet hair makes you sick’, she always said.

But my friends were never sick (what my mother claimed turned out to be a myth), so I tried to sleep with wet hair once. When I got up the next morning my hair had turned into a bunch of unruly frizzy hair! I was shocked! I cried and tried to fix my hair before I had to go for school.

I was able to fix it a bit, but my hair that day was really a disaster. I’ve never slept with wet hair since.

But even if you’re lucky and you can sleep with wet hair without ruining it (yes, I’m talking to you Dutch girls), it’s still a bad idea. I’ll tell you why.

Sleeping with wet hair is tempting, but...

Sometimes I watch Netflix until late at night. I shower before going to bed only to find out that my hair could use a wash. Especially if I have a meeting the next day and don’t want to show up with greasy hair.

Drying my hair takes a long, long time. And sometimes I’m thinking: well, I don’t think it’s a problem if I sleep with wet hair…

And yet I have to force myself to go to bed and grab the dry shampoo the next morning. And that’s also your best option and here’s why:

1. It damages your hair

Wet hair is more susceptible for damage. It can break and you get split ends faster than when your hair is dry.

When you’re sleeping with wet hair, then you move your hair over your pillow. This can make your hair tangle, break or fall out.

2. Your hair dries up in a strange way

Sleeping with wet hair isn’t that good for your hair cut. Your hair dries up in a strange way, keeping you the next morning extra busy with fixing it. Ha I can relate!

Because you’re extra busy with your hair the next morning, the quality of your hair decreases. Your hair becomes porous and this can lead to split ends.

3. Your hair will fluff more

When you’re sleeping with wet hair, then water will remain in your hair for a longer period of time. This can make the shaft of your hair swell and make it extra vulnerable.

Your hair scales are like roof tiles. Do you blow dry your hair before going to sleep? Then the roof tiles fall neatly over each other and your hair becomes smooth. Do you go sleep with wet hair? Then your hair scars will go in all directions. And this makes your hair frizzy.

4. Your pillow becomes a breeding ground for bacteria

Because of your wet hair, the lukewarm hair ends up on your pillow. This makes your pillow an ideal habitat for bacteria…

5. Pinning your hair doesn’t help either

Some people fix their wet hair before going to sleep, by means of a braid or bun. It tried it, but the next morning I got some weird kinks in my hair.

Besides that it can’t turn out so well, it’s also not good for your hair. Your wet hair can break off where the elastic is. Also the water can’t evaporate properly. This can lead to hair loss.

So always (blow) dry your hair before you go to bed. Wash your hair the next morning or use dry shampoo. Never ever go to sleep with wet hair!

Front photo: torwai via Getty Images

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