8 Mistakes When Shaving Your Legs

It’s finally summer and I love to wear summer dresses ever day! Only downside is that I have to shave my legs every week, something I absolutely hate.

Now I can’t complain either, I actually have quite a bit of leg hair. It’s barely visible, although they are black.

My Asian friends also have little leg hair, so I’m assuming it’s something Asian. Please tell me if I’m wrong 😉

But the only time a week I have to shave is already too much for me. Ugh I hate it! So when I do it I want to do it right so I don’t have to do it again later that week. That’s why it’s important to avoid these 8 common mistakes when shaving your legs!

1. You shave in the morning

I know it’s tempting to shave your legs in the morning. You start the day immediately with smooth legs.

But did you know that at night your legs get hot and swell as a result? This makes your legs a bit more swollen in the morning. Because of this you never get your legs shaved completely smooth and you can do it again later that week -ugh.

2. You start shaving too soon

Okay, I hate shaving so much I’ve never made this mistake. But maybe you do.

It’s not wise to immediately start shaving as soon as you get in the shower. It’s better to take a warm shower first, so that your leg hair becomes softer and your hair follicles open up more. This makes shaving much better.

3. You start shaving too late

Yes, you can also shave too late. This is especially true when you take a bath. Do you take a long bath and decide to shave your legs afterwards? Don’t do that!

The heat of the bath will make your legs swell. And as I just said, swollen legs are difficult to smooth out.

4. You don’t use shaving cream

Been there, done that! My mother once said that a shaving cream wasn’t necessary at all. It was a money grab. So I shaved without shaving cream for a while. Horrible! My skin became very sensitive because of it.

Shaving without shaving foam ensures that you get wounds much faster. Your skin also dries out faster after shaving. Shaving cream ensures that the razor glides more easily over your legs.

By the way, you don’t necessarily have to use shaving cream. Other shaving products or even conditioner will work too.

5. Your razor is blunt

Replace your blade often. If you use the same razor too long, it will become blunt. Blunt razor blades cause red bumps and rough legs.

Note that red bumps and rough legs can also be caused by Keratosis Pilaris. Read more about this skin condition here.

6. You shave against the direction of your hair

If you shave against the hair direction, your skin can get irritated by it. Especially if you have sensitive skin. Shave from top to bottom to avoid irritation.

Are the leg hairs too short for this? Then apply shaving cream again and shave against the hair direction once.

7. You don’t take care of your skin after shaving

Use a good bodylotion or skin oil after shaving. This prevents irritation.

Do you suffer from ingrown hairs? Exfoliate your skin skin regularly.

8. You’re shaving every day

This was a trend on my high school. You had to shave your legs every day, because imagine someone saw a hair on your legs!

Although the stubble can be felt again the next day after shaving, it’s better to stay away from the razor. Shaving every day can cause skin irritations, so eventually you don’t get smooth legs. I know this from experience too.

Front photo: Ryanking999

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