5 Tips For A Summer Proof Skin Care

This year we have a typical Dutch summer. It’s raining, it’s not quite warm and every now and then we have a sunny day.

That’s a big contrast to previous years. Then we had a heat wave every summer. That’s not great in the Netherlands either. Air cons are rare here, fans sell out within a week and most of the time there’s no way to escape the heat.

During those hot days my skin changes from dry to oily. The sweat makes my skin care products slide off my face and I also get pimples quickly.

Sometimes my skin is so bad that I hardly use any products as a precaution. However, I have learned that this isn’t necessary. I just need to change my routine. And I would like to share this change with you based on 5 tips!

Tips to keep your skin summer proof

During the summer your skin is prone to dehydration. As a result, your skin can suddenly start producing more oil. Or your skin remains dehydrated and is therefore more susceptible to sun damage.

So it’s important that you adjust your skin care routine so that your skin suffers less during the summer. Here are 5 tips.

1. Use a cleanser with lactic acid or salicylic acid

In the summer you sweat more and your skin produces more sebum. The result: clogged pores and pimples. It’s therefore important to keep your skin clean every day with a cleanser.

Preferably use a foaming cleanser with lactic acid or salicylic acid. And stay away from cleansers that contain sulfates. They dry out your skin more.

2. Take it easy with exfoliation

Exfoliating keeps your skin cleans and also removes bacteria and dead skin cells. This prevents acne.

Unfortunately, exfoliants make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so don’t use them too much in the summer.

Use retinol every other day and only exfoliate during your evening skin care routine.

3. Use a light moisturizer

During a hot day I tend to leave my (greasy) day cream and not apply any cream at all. I’m afraid that my skin will become even more oilier. Still, it’s better to apply a day cream.

Oily skin gets even oilier when it’s dehydrated. Therefore, opt for a light moisturizer with a gel texture. Look especially for moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine.

4. Use a SPF

Actually you should wear a SPF every day, but especially in summer it’s indispensable!

The sun is one of the main causes of skin aging. So on sunny days, apply a sunscreen with at least SPF30 every 2 hours.

5. Stay hydrated

Photo: DragonImages

The stronger the sun shines, the more it damages and dries out your skin. Drink enough water in a day so that you and your skin stay well hydrated.

Have a nice summer!

Front Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash

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