How Do You Really Make Your Pimple Patches Work?

I recently received an e-mail from a beauty webshop with the question if I was already familiar with pimple patches. Uhm yes?

I’ve been using those things since I was in my early twenties. I always had that in my bathroom and I had a love-hate relationship with it.

I loved it because it sometimes made my pimples disappear, without leaving any scars. And I hated it because it often didn’t work. Or the patches stuck everywhere except the pimples.

I haven’t actually used them in years. I thought that they did nothing for my pimples and that it was a waste of my money. But apparently they’re popular (again) and I thought maybe I’ve been using them wrong all along. And after some research, it turned out to be the case. So here I explain how to use your patches, so that they do their job!

What are pimple patches?

Photo: Rabizo via Getty Images

Pimple patches are a kind of small round band Aids. Sometimes they are transparent and sometimes they have a nice color. You basically stick the patches on your pimples.

They provide protection against bacteria from the outside and they help reduce the swelling.

I always used the transparent version, but the patches were still visible on my face. That’s why I always used them at night.

What pimple patches are there?

There are 3 types of pimple patches:

1. Hydrocolloid patches

I used these patches myself. They contain a mixture of adhesive and absorbent substances. These ensure that sebum, wound fluid and dirt are pulled out of the pimple.

The patches also have a thin plastic top layer. This prevents moisture from escaping from the patches, causing your skin to dry out. In fact, these patches create a moist environment that makes the skin to heal faster.

2. Treatment patches

Treatment patches have added substances such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid and niacinamide. This has an exfoliating, protective and calming effect. The patches ensure that these ingredients end up in the right place.

3. Micro darts patches

Micro Darts patches are a bit like treatment patches but with needles in it. The needles contain ingredients that you can push into your pimple. This way the ingredients end up deeper in your pimple.

How do you use pimple patches properly?

So what I always did wrong… Before I used the pimple patches, I always touched the pimple too much. I tried to squeeze it, squeeze it smaller…

That’s not the intention. This creates an unhygienic situation. If you stick a patch on the pimple afterwards, it will all start to heat up and the inflammation will get even worse!

The patches are actually meant to keep your fingers off your pimple. So stick the patch on your pimple right away. Don’t touch your pimple before you stick your patch!

The patches can do their job better this way. By closing the pimple with the patch, you give your skin the chance to recover. This allows you to get rid of your pimples faster.

Pimple patches are actually emergency solutions

Pimple patches are actually intended to quickly treat spontaneous outbreaks. So if you suffer from a lot of pimples, it’s better to use other treatments.

If you have a lot of pimples, it’s best to tackle the pimples at the source. This prevents new pimples. For example, use a good cleanser and exfoliant. And also take a critical look at your diet and lifestyle.

Front photo: itakayukí via Getty Images

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