What Is The Clean Beauty Movement?

I think I first came across the term Clean Beauty Movement on Instagram. I didn’t immediately know what it was, but I assumed it was cosmetics with only natural ingredients, which I’m in favor of.

But then I found out that there was already a term for that, namely natural beauty. I got a little confused. What was meant by clean beauty?

When I did some research I didn’t get any wiser, but I kept coming across that term in Beauty Land. So I did some more research and the conclusion of this is that no one knows exactly what it is. Haha!

So if you often come across the terms clean beauty movement and clean beauty. This is what I can find about it and I hope it’s a bit clearer now (or not :p).

What is clean beauty?

Well, that’s actually something that nobody really knows. There is no clear definition for this term, so every beauty product manufacturer can give it their own definition.

It’s usually said that the ingredients of the product are safe for your skin and the environment. Often certain ingredients are excluded in the product, such as sulfates, silicones and parabens, and the product contains only natural ingredients.

The packaging is also often recycled, the product is biodegradable and not tested on animals.

That all sounds good, but actually there are already terms for it, such as natural beauty, organic and cruelty-free.

Is clean beauty a buzzword?

It looks like that. Clean beauty seems like a marketing buzzword that resonates with consumers.

Today consumers want to make conscious choices, for example in food but also in what they put on their skin. They want to know where the product comes from, whether it’s not harmful to them and to the environment.

So when manufacturers put the term clean beauty on their products, consumers immediately assume that it’s a conscious product is. Smart!

But unfortunately there is no definition of clean beauty, so you don’t know exactly what the product or brand stands for. That’s why it’s important that you find out for yourself what you think is important about a product.

What do you think is important about a product?

What you think is important about a product is of course very personal. Fortunately, there are labels that provide more clarity. For example, if you are vegan, you will buy products with the Vegan label faster that if you aren’t vegan.

Which labels are there?

1. Cruelty-free
Products with a cruelty-free label are not tested on animals. Not before, during or after the production process, and also not by third parties.

Photo: everydayplus via Getty Images

2. Natural
When products have a natural label, this means that most of the ingredients have a vegetable origin. Some of the ingredients may also be organic.

Photo: Paulynn via Getty Images Pro

3. Organic
With an organic label, most ingredients must have a vegetable origin and some may also be organic. It’s actually the same as with the natural label.

But there are also more requirements. The raw materials must come from a sustainable source and no use may be made of genetically modified materials. The packaging must also be recyclable and biodegradable.

Photo: olhakozachenko

4. Vegan
A vegan product is free from ingredients of animal origin, such as snail mucin, propolis or animal collagen.

But don’t confuse this label with the cruelty-free label! A product can be cruelty-free but not vegan.

Photo: marilyna via Getty Images

Unfortunately there’s no unambiguous meaning for clean beauty, but you can make conscious choices yourself in what you find important in a product! So I would refer to the term clean beauty myself as: making a conscious choice of your beauty products.

Photo by 邱 严 on Unsplash

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