Cucumbers On Your Eyes, Is That Any Use?

Actually I don’t like cucumbers that much. When I was young we ate that quite often: rice, meat and cucumbers.

Okay, it doesn’t have a pronounced taste and it’s not that bad, but I’m not fond of it. Maybe it’s a structure thing. I don’t like that middle part of the cucumber. It feels so weird in my mouth.

But I just eat it. The vegetable is too boring to make a drama about it.

What I secretly used to do was steal two cucumber slices from dinner and put them on my eyes in the evening. As a child I hoped that this would reduce my bags under the eyes. I was aware of my eternal walls at a young age.

It was a 90’s thing to do. It was very normal to put cucumbers on your eyes against bags under the eyes. I never did it again after the 90’s. I thought it was outdated beauty advice, but apparently it was very useful!

Cucumber and skin care

Photo: GreenArtPhotography via Getty Images

Did you know that a cucumber consist of 95% water? This ensures that your skin stays young.

Cucumber also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B, C, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. They all help to keep your skin young, healthy and soft.

It also contains caffeine. This is not the same as in coffee but it’s a phenol, a bioactive substance. This substance reduces moisture retention. If you keep too much fluid in your body somewhere, it swells up. Cucumber can therefore reduce swelling.

Yes, cucumbers combats eye bags

Eye bags are caused by a swelling. Cucumber has a cooling, calming function due to its high moisture content. This will make your eye bags disappear.

So are suffering from eye bags? Then put cucumber slices on your eyes. It really works!

Photo: pixelshot

Front photo: The Junessa Rendon Collection

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