Review | MISSHA Mascure Glutathione Sheet Mask

I love sheet masks, but I don’t use them often. They are for single use and a good sheet mask can be quite pricey.

So if I have sheet masks at home, I keep them as long as possible. I want to use them when my skin really needs them.

I used the MISSHA Mascure Glutathione Sheet Mask after a bad night of sleep. I thought my skin could use a boost, especially the dark circles under my eyes. Curious if this was successful? Then read on!

About the brand MISSHA

MISSHA is a Korean beauty brand founded in 2000. The name MISSHA stands for Miss (young women) who are sexy, healthy and active. These qualities are also symbolized in their love flower logo.

Therefore their slogan is Love your skin. Love your soul. That’s why they want to make a beautiful, radiant skin accessible for everyone. Their products are suitable for every skin type.

What it promises

The Mascure Glutathione Sheet Mask contains Glutathione (also referred to as vitamin G) and Niacinamide. This will brighten dull skin and promote radiance.

It’s also suitable for sensitive skin. The mask is hypoallergenic, has a skin-friendly formula and a mild application.

The sheet mask perfectly fits to your skin. This keeps the moisture in your skin optimally and the active ingredients of the sheet mask can penetrate your skin deeply.

What I think of the Mascure Glutathione Sheet Mask

Honestly I don’t remember why I bought this sheet mask. The Mascure Sheet Mask line has different types of sheet masks, such as the Mascure Ceramide Rescue Solution Sheet Mask and the Mascure Hyaluronic Acid Rescue Solution Sheet Mask.

Many people use Glutathione on their face to get a lighter and brighter complexion, but I don’t believe a single sheet mask can do that. I think I bought it to reduce dark pigment spots on my face.

Before using it I cleansed my face and then used a toner. The mask fit my Asian face perfectly. I sometimes buy European sheet masks, but they never fit.

The mask is filled with a thick jelly-like substance. It doesn’t drip off my face and it has a light citrusy scent.

You have to keep the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes and I go for the full 20 minutes. In the meantime I watched TV.

The mask is very comfortable! It adapts completely my face, feels refreshing and after a while I forget that I have a sheet mask on.

After 20 minutes I remove the mask and massage the remaining substance into my face. The substance is very thick and sticky. It doesn’t absorb well. I feel like I have a layer on my skin.

I have to say, the dark circles under my eyes are gone! But my pigment spots aren’t. My skin looks really good. I even got a compliment from my husband about my radiant skin.

The only bad thing is that my skin continues to feel sticky, even 3 hours later… My skin looks very glowing, but it isn’t soft because of the stickiness. When I eat a sandwich in the afternoon, the crumbs stick to my cheek and are hard to remove.

I still think it’s a nice sheet mask. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but it did give my dull looking skin a major boost. I wouldn’t buy it again because of the stickiness, but possibly another one from the Mascure line. As long as it doesn’t stick!

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