Review | MIZON Good Night White Sleeping Mask

For a while I also used my day cream as a night cream, just because it’s possible. Yet I wanted to have a good night cream again because the winter months are coming again.

I had a good experience with the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, but I still wanted to try something different. Because of the good reviews I came across the MIZON Good Night White Sleeping Mask.

Yet I hesitated, because skin care called White is somewhat taboo in Western Europe. Here it’s seen as skin lightening where the idea prevails that white people have talked dark people into that lighter skin is better. It’s more nuanced though. Read here.

But if I buy it, my white friends might think I’m whitening my skin. Which is absolutely not the case, but that is the image that prevails here with skin products that have White on it.

I shouldn’t care what what others think of me, so I bought it anyway. I also don’t think it will make me white.

I’ve been using this product for a month now and I’m giving you my review. And no, I didn’t suddenly turn white!

About the brand MIZON

Several scientists and researchers from renowned Korean cosmetics came together with a common mission to develop high-quality cosmetics at reasonable prices. So MIZON was born; a very famous Korean cosmetics brand.

Science is the starting point for MIZON. And in addition, they use the best and most valued ingredients for their products. These ingredients are generously added to their products to get the best out of your skin.

Examples of their effective ingredients are: ocean water, Ginju extracts, sugars and various oil. Their most favorite ingredient is snail mucin. This is why you often come across this ingredient in their products.

What it promises

The MIZON Good Night White Sleeping Mask is an overnight sleeping mask. It helps brighten skin tone while you sleep. With its whitening system it makes your skin radiant and moisturized like Snow White.

The sleeping mask contains Glycerin, hyaluronic acid and trehalose to soften and hydrate the skin, making it supple and smoother. It also contains placental protein, natto gum and sclerotium gum, firming a thin coating film to protect the skin from harmful environments. And to prevent the skin from being sensitive and rough.

This sleeping mask will make your skin bright and clean.

What I think of the Good Night White Sleeping Mask

Okay, when I read that this product would make me white as Snow White, I got my doubts. No cream can do this with my complexion. Yet I became curious, because what if it works? Then I would have to buy more jars to make the rest of my body white as well.

When I opened the lid, I soon smelled the fragrance of this product. I can’t place the sent, but it smells strong. I think it’s nice, but I’m afraid the perfume won’t go with my sensitive skin.

And I turned out to be right. After I put it liberally on my face and also under my eyelids, because of the pigmentation there, my eyes were on fire! It burned like hell! My eyes were watering and I couldn’t see anything for a full minute.

Luckily things got better after that and I had learned my lesson: Don’t apply this product around your eyes!

The cream feels cool and fresh on my skin and spreads easily. Yet it doesn’t absorb easily. In fact, my skin feels sticky. And it will feel sticky for at least 20 minutes, so I recommend not applying this cream immediately before going to sleep. Or else your whole pillow is covered.

When I got up the next morning, my skin was super soft. Also my skin was well hydrated. Normally I always have some dry spots when I got up, but with this cream absolutely not.

Nevertheless, after one month of use, I can’t say my skin has become any lighter. Even dark spots don’t seem to fade faster. Although it seems like new dark spots don’t appear as intense. But if I’m honest, I don’t see any big differences and nobody has told me so far that my skin and dark spots are getting lighter.

So if you’re looking for a cream that really makes your skin whiter, I wouldn’t recommend this cream. Are you looking for a cream that makes your dry skin softer and hydrated? I definitely recommend this cream. Since I use this cream, my skin hasn’t been dry. And it feels much softer, even the next day.

For me, this cream works best as an intense moisturizer that my skin really needs with these colder temperatures!

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