Review | Pyunkang Yul Skin Barrier Professional Hand Cream

I was very pleased with the Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream (read my review here), so I decided to order another one.

When I received it, I noticed that the packaging was different. I didn’t think about it too long, because it might have been given a different style of packaging.

Also when I started using it, it seemed different. The cream felt different and I seemed less enthusiastic about it. ‘Probably my hands are used to this cream, so the result is less’, I thought.

After some use and dissatisfaction, I decided to order another hand cream. To my surprise I found out that I didn’t have the Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream at all. I had the Skin Barrier Professional Hand Cream!!

Well that explains a lot! In this review I’ll tell you why this hand cream doesn’t work for me.

About the brand Pyunkang Yul

The Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital in Korea had many patients suffering from atopic dermatitis. Therefor they decided to set up their own skin care line: Pyunkang Yul. In their products they use hanbang (traditional Korean herbal ingredients and methods) to treat skin conditions.

The philosophy of Pyunkang Yul is simplicity. Only natural ingredients are used that suit every skin type. These ingredients address the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

Read more about Pyunkang Yul here.

What it promises

The Pyunkang Yul Skin Barrier Professional Hand Cream nourishes the most dry and troubled skin.

It’s infused with a combination of sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter to soften hands and cuticles.

The hand cream contains vitamin B5 (panthenol) and allantoin to help strengthen the moisture barrier. Scrophularia buergeriana extract relieves irritation. And milk radish root improves skin vitality.

It has a non-sticky texture. The cream absorbs quickly and provides all-day hydration.

What I think of the Skin Barrier Professional Hand Cream

What I like about Pyunkang Yul is that all their products match in appearance. Their house style is so uniform that you can recognize it from afar. And since dark blue is my favorite color, I really love their packaging.

The hand cream has a thick white texture and I don’t find it easy to apply. Sometimes I have to use extra cream, because my hand can’t completely cover with it. This makes the tube empty faster.

The cream doesn’t absorb as quickly as the Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream. Which is a shame, because thanks to Covid and a newborn, I have to wash my hands very often. Because of this I have the idea that I’m washing the cream off my hand over and over again.

The result is that I have to cream my hands even more often.

After using this hand cream for a while, I noticed that my hands and fingers are hydrated and soft, but not my knuckles. They are so rough and dry that they have also started to color darker.

To solve this I started to apply extra cream on my knuckles, but it seems like the cream isn’t absorbed at all in this place.

My knuckles are so dry now that they are black in color. It’s so bad I don’t show my hands on pictures anymore.

That was also the reason that I was looking for a new hand cream and found out that I was using the wrong hand cream all along…

Honestly, I didn’t think that there was a huge difference between both Pyunkang Yul hand creams. But the Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream is by far my favorite! So I just ordered it again. Hopefully it will arrive by tomorrow, so I can treat my extremely dry knuckles.

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