What Is The Best Body Cream?

During the holidays I always get body cream from my family as a present. When giving it, they often say: ‘I have it myself. It’s a very nice body cream.’

Then I thank them and once home, I put the cream with all my other jars of body creams. I have quite a few, because my skin is quite dry due to the Dutch weather.

I have tried a lot of body creams and unfortunately I only found my ideal cream this year: the Sisheido Urea 10% Body Cream.

Despite it being my favorite body cream, I don’t buy it often. I think it’s quite pricey and the packaging isn’t that big.

But which one should I use now? I have tried so many: from butters to sprays, but there are very few that I’m really satisfied with.

So I figured out which one is best for me. And if you also don’t know which body cream to choose, read on!

What is the best way to use a body Cream?

Photo: pixelshot via Canva Pro

I was taught from home to use body cream every morning after I wake up. It’s okay to do that, but not the best way.

It’s better to use it after shower, when your skin is still a bit damp. Because taking a shower and using shower gel reduces the natural fat layer in your skin, which can lead to dry skin. By using a body cream after shower, this natural fat layer restores.

Use a body cream only for your body and not for your face, unless otherwise stated.

Which ingredients should you pay attention to?

I must confess that I’ve never paid attention to the ingredients list of a body cream. As long as it insisted it was suitable for dry skin I bought it.

It’s still better to also check the ingredients list for sufficient moisture-retaining ingredients. The following ingredients are very suitable for this:

Do you have dry and sensitive skin? Then go for substances such as niacinamide or panthenol. These ingredients moisturize your skin and also soothe it.

Avoid body creams that contain irritating ingredients, such as perfume and denatured alcohol. They do more harm than good.

Body cream in a tube or jar?

Photo: Danko N via Canva Pro

It’s best to choose a body cream that comes in a tube or pump packing. When the cream is in a jar, you always have to put your fingers in it so the cream gets dirty quickly.

Front photo: Dean Drobot via Canva Pro

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