Why You Should Ask The MACQUEEN Waterproof Pen Eyeliner For Christmas

Since I wear make up, I wear eyeliner. I think it must be almost 20 years now.

I started with eye pencil. That was disastrous! I could only draw the perfect line when the pencil was new and the tip was razor sharp. And no matter how many times I sharpened the tip, I never got it that sharp. This made my lines less perfect and at some point they became thick stripes. Yikes!

So I switched to liquid eyeliner. That was in a small jar and you could apply it with a brush. That was difficult. The lines quickly became too thick or uneven. I’ve used this eyeliner for a long time and after a lot of practice I managed to draw the perfect line.

After that the eyeliner pens became a hype. And it seemed so convenient. Liquid eyeliner that you can apply like a marker. So I bought it too. Unfortunately I was able to enjoy my pen for about two days, because after that it was dried out.

So I bought a new one and repurchased a few days later. I bought another brand and another brand… But those pens kept drying out so quickly.

And then I discovered the L’Oréal Paris Superliner Gel Intenza Eyeliner. It’s a gel eyeliner that you apply with a brush. And for years this was my perfect eyeliner. The only downside was that the brush became less good over time. The hairs separated, so you couldn’t make a smooth line anymore. Oh, and the eyeliner fades a bit during the day.

Last year I impulsively bought the MACQUEEN Waterproof Pen Eyeliner, because of the good reviews. I didn’t expect much of it. But after using this eyeliner for almost a year I can say that it’s the best eyeliner I’ve ever had!

About the brand MACQUEEN

The first time when I read the name of this brand I thought it sounded too much like MAC Cosmetics or Alexander McQueen.

But the name comes from the words My Awesome Cosmetics and Queen. It’s a Korean cosmetics brand and their philosophy is to put the health of its customers skin first.

The brand focuses on skin care, sun care, makeup, makeup tools and hair treatments. All products are made in Korea and are only good for a year to maximize the efficacy of their ingredients.

They use eco-friendly ingredients and some products contain hanbang. This is a traditional Korean holistic medicine.

Why the Waterproof Pen Eyeliner is the best

I only used the Waterproof Pen Eyeliner from this brand. I’ve never tried other items, but maybe I should!

The Waterproof Pen Eyeliner comes in three colors: Brown Black, Deep Black and Deep Brown. I always buy the Deep Black and it lasts me quite a while. The ink doesn’t dry out quickly.

3 reasons why I like this eyeliner so much:

1. It’s very easy to draw a smooth thin line

The tip of this pen is great. In one movement I draw a thin line with it. The ink spreads evenly, so I barely have to touch it up. This saves a lot of time.

The line stays perfectly on my lids all day and doesn’t fade.

2. It’s extremely waterproof

The wonderful thing about this eyeliner is that it stays on my eyes after a big cry! It doesn’t stain either.

And yet this eyeliner is easy to remove at the end of the day. I can easily get it off with a foaming cleanser or cleansing balm.

3. The price

Compared to other eyeliners, thus eyeliner is quite cheap. I pay €4.60 ($5.19) for it. In comparison: for the L’Oréal Paris Superliner Gel Intenza Eyeliner I pay double!

Because of this I find it attractive to stock up on multiple eyeliners so I never run out.

So if you’re still looking for a good eyeliner for the holidays or don’t know what to ask from Santa, I really can recommend this one!

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