3 Reasons Why Sheet Masks Are Environment Unfriendly

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove sheet masks! They always give me a wellness feeling at home.

I love to put a sheet mask on my face after a busy day at work. My face gets a boost from this and so do I mentally.

Unfortunately the number of sheet masks I use in a year can be counter on just one hand. I think they are quite pricey for one time use.

In addition to the price, I think there is something else that makes them less attractive. They are environmentally unfriendly… Spoiler: they contribute to unnecessary waste.

And here’s why:

1. They are single use

You probably already knew this, but if you think about it with the environment in mind…

Sheet masks are packed per piece. When you’re using a sheet mask, you first throw the packaging away and 20 minutes later the sheet mask follows.

And recently most of the people have agreed that anything of single use should, such as: plastic straws, makeup wipes, plastic cutlery, balloons… So actually we also need to get rid of the single use sheet masks.

2. The packaging contributes to the plastic soup

The packaging of a sheet masks are made of plastic and aluminum. Unfortunately these materials can’t be recycled.

Especially plastic is a problem. It takes hundreds of years to decompose. Most of the time it breaks down overtime into microplastics. Read more about the danger of microplastics here.

All those plastic waste are polluting. More than 11 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, making the ocean one big plastic soup. In the ocean the plastic releases substances that are toxic for human and the environment.

3. The mask itself is also non-degradable

The masks are made of synthetic material, such as polyester, nylon and plastic microfibers.

These materials can’t be composted, so they end up in the bin.

Still want to use sheet masks?

As I said I really love sheet mask, so getting rid of them for good cause a bit of pain in my heart. But I also don’t want to contribute to more planet pollution. Fortunately some K-beauty brands have eco-friendly and biodegradable sheet masks!

Okay, they are way more expensive than ordinary sheet masks, but if we can save the planet a little bit with these, than it’s worth the price!

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