4 K-beauty Trends For 2022

January is always a slow month for me. This month always feels like an eternity for me.

Maybe it’s because all the holidays are over and it’s still a long time before there’s anything to celebrate again. Easter is only in April!!!

And in addition, January is a very dark month in the Netherlands. When I wake up in the morning it’s still dark and as soon as it gets light I blink twice and it’s dark again. Very depressing…

Speaking of depressing… Most of my friends have a winter depression each year. Winter depression means that you can feel very depressed due to a lack of sunlight and vitamin D.

Luckily I don’t have that problem, but still I’m not enjoying this month very much. So I was thinking to buy some extra skin care this month. Unfortunately I’m pretty broke now because of last month. So I started orienting on what I can still buy this year. That’s why I present to you the 4 K-beauty trends of 2022!

1. More and more Vitamine A

Photo: pixelshot

Retinol was already a popular ingredient and 2022 will be no different. You will therefore see this ingredient more and more in all kinds of skin care products, such as creams, serums and sheet masks.

To be honest I have no experience with retinol and it might be a good new year’s resolution to try it this year!

2. Fermented rice water and other fermented ingredients

Photo: pixelshot

For a couple of years fermented rice water is a popular K-beauty ingredient. However, the popularity of this ingredient will only increase further. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of hair and skin care products with fermented rice this year.

You will also see other fermented ingredients often, such as fermented tea. I think fermented rice is a nice ingredient, so I’m very curious about other fermented ingredients.

3. Minimalistic skin care routine

Photo: Jacob Lund

We already saw a minimalistic skin care routine consisting of 4 or 5 steps in J-beauty. Still, it seems that the K-beauty is going to abandon their strict 10 step regimen. For example, more and more products coming onto the market that combine different routine steps, such as a day cream with SPF.

I never had time for a 10 step skin care routine and was therefore more of a fan of the minimalist Japanese routine. But I can imagine if you do the strict K-beauty routine every day, you’re happy to know that it can be a little faster soon.

4. Sustainability

Photo: MichellePatrickPhotographyLLC via Getty Images

K-beauty is also becoming more and more eco-friendly. This year you will see more sustainable ingredients and packaging, especially for single-use items (sheet masks!).

I thinks this is my favorite trend! I like skin care but I also think it’s important that my skin care isn’t harmful for the environment. So I’m really looking forward to use more eco-friendly products!

Front Photo by rnaol on Unsplash

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