Don’t Look Like A Zombie, Prevent Bags And Dark Circles!

Halloween isn’t really celebrated in the Netherlands. Every year more and more children in costume are knocking on doors and it’s a theme in many stores. But we don’t have a long tradition of celebrating it. When my bff turned 16 we went to celebrate Halloween for her birthday at Six Flags Holland. Six Flags […]

Vaseline Better For Your Skin Than Thought?

Years ago I watched a TV show. In that show there was a Dutch man with his Filipino wife. They both had two kids. I can’t remember what it was about. I think it was about mixed marriages. During a scene the man bathed his children. Afterwards he smeared a thick layer of Vaseline on […]

Review | MISSHA Mascure Glutathione Sheet Mask

I love sheet masks, but I don’t use them often. They are for single use and a good sheet mask can be quite pricey. So if I have sheet masks at home, I keep them as long as possible. I want to use them when my skin really needs them. I used the MISSHA Mascure […]

Addicted To Lip Balm?

Now it’s autumn and my lips are starting to dry out again. I have this problem since I was a child. In elementary school I walked around with my blue Labello lip balm. Every time my lips felt dry, I put some lip balm on them. A classmate with the typical Dutch name Jeroen always […]

Say Goodbye To Your Acne Scars With These 5 Tips

I have the annoying habit of touching my pimples. Once I spot one in my face I can’t keep my hands off it. Unfortunately I get acne scars because of it and unfortunately they don’t disappear quickly from my skin. The result is that I have dark spots on my skin that sometimes take weeks […]

Skin Care Ingredients You Should Never Combine

Recently I picked some pimples with the result that I had two pigmentation spots on my face. In a drugstore I bought a serum promotion package against pigmentation spots containing 3 mini serums with vitamin C and 3 mini serums with niacinamide. I thought for a moment to follow the K-beauty trend and put double […]

Vegan Skin Care? Watch Out For These Ingredients

My sister is a vegetarian and sometimes a vegan. So if we eat together I take that into account. And because of that I discovered some tasty vegetarian/ vegan dishes! She recently told me that the vegan lifestyle was more difficult to maintain than the vegetarian. She found out that a lot of things are […]

How To Take Care Of Your Autumn Skin

When the summer is over, I notice the changes in my skin. My skin is getting drier, tighter and especially at the bottom of my cheeks I get chapped skin. Sometimes it seems like this change happens all at once. I wake up and my skin is suddenly a lot drier. Suddenly I start to […]

5 Reasons To Ditch Makeup Wipes

A friend stayed overnight unexpectedly. She borrowed pajamas from me and asked for makeup wipes. I said I don’t have it, but I do have a cleanser. ‘Oh no, makeup wipes are fine’, she said. ‘But I don’t have makeup wipes’, I replied again. ‘But I only use makeup wipes.’ Awkward silence She went to […]

Parabens Are Less Bad Than Thought

A long time ago I read and heard everywhere that parabens were very bad for your skin and that you should avoid them in your skin care. That’s what I did well. Actually I didn’t know what parabens were, but at one point it was synonymous with bad. So I have a lot of skin […]


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