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What Is The Best Body Cream?

During the holidays I always get body cream from my family as a present. When giving it, they often say: ‘I have it myself. It’s a very nice body cream.’ Then I thank them and once home, I put the cream with all my other jars of body creams. I have quite a few, because […]

Review | Pyunkang Yul Skin Barrier Professional Hand Cream

I was very pleased with the Pyunkang Yul Quick Moisturizing Professional Hand Cream (read my review here), so I decided to order another one. When I received it, I noticed that the packaging was different. I didn’t think about it too long, because it might have been given a different style of packaging. Also when […]

How Pantenhol Saves Sensitive Skin

My favorite serum at the moment (Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum Green Tea) contains Panthenol. And I was curious what this ingredient does to my skin. So when I looked it up, I read several messages that you should avoid this ingredient in your cosmetics, because it’s alcohol. Yes, it’s true that it’s (a form […]